Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Plague

A plague has ripped through the barricade this past week and a half. Sorry I have not written much. Matt and I both got the horrible stomach virus that we lovingly refer to as "The Plague".
I have read of local outbreaks of a "norovirus" - much like those cruise ship viruses.
So I thought I would pass on this funny photo sent to me by Jordi Perry, who plays Gavroche ...

Stay healthy everybody!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Ok, folks. I owe you a hell of a lot of catch up blogs, and here goes the first one. The year in images from this blog. No, I won't keep it limited to 12. There were too many good ones for that. But here are my favorites, and why they are.


This photo was taken by Channez McQuay while we were vacationing on Fenwick Island last January. I love this photo of our family, and this picture makes me want to be back on Fenwick as I write this. The beauty of the beach on those crisp January days was something that sticks in my head.
This was the first trip I had ever taken to the beach during winter. How different and gorgeous it is.

This was the view from the top floor of the beach house that we stayed at. You could see the outline of Fenwick Island's lighthouse right in front of the setting sun. It was absolutely gorgeous.

This is Matt flying a kite on the beach there. I just love this photo. Not sure why.


Two cuter than cute February images of Buddha.

The best couch companion you could ever hope for.

For Rusty.


The trees coming back to life always fills my heart with joy. Here are just some of the trees awakening around our house.

Buddha takes no heed of the signs around him. He is his own man.

Eleasha, Katie, Annabel and Andrew - Memorial Day.

Idiot graffiti : 7th and New York Avenue.

and the welcome of the newest Smith dog, Tanner.

Kid's Camp.

The tree growing out of a rock in the Potomac.

Boaters on the Potomac.

Me and the Boo.

8:08 on 8/8/08.

Real dog and fake dog.

Ass meets bigger Ass.


Buddha and Blanket.

Buddha and Pillows.


Extreme pumpkin carving.


Felicia admiring the decor in the Conner's Auction House.

A very long line.


More year of 2008 wrap ups ahead.
Take care.