Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Haunting

My Halloween haunting of my house thus far has been heavily spider themed, and I am not quite sure why...I guess you portray in your decoration the things that scare you the most. hmmm..
Anyways, I wanted to give you all a sneak peak into my decorations SO FAR...

Here is the big Mama spider out front.

Here is Junior, who is ready to pounce on you from the bush next to the sidewalk!

Here is the hall out front...

Here is the pumpkin and candelabra out front...

And the new tee shirt that I made last night! I took a plain white tee shirt that I had, dyed it with RIT dye, then printed out this picture on Iron Transfer paper, and Voila...my own "Tarantula" tee shirt!!!
I am now officially the biggest geek of all!
ore to come...HAPPY HAUNTING!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

King of Pizza Workshop

Last night and this morning we had the first open reading of Matt Conner, Ryan Dean, and A.K. Brink's children's musical, Martin, The King of Pizza. We had a couple of days of rehearsal to get it on it's feet.

The cast featured yours truly as Martin the King of Pizza, Kara Tameika Watkins as Patti, Priscilla Cuellar as Mozz A. Rella, Kurt Boehm as Crostini, and Lani Howe as Rosemary.

Music Direction was done by Derek Bowley.

The reading was held at The Center for Spiritual Enlightenment in Falls Church, VA. The reading was sponsored by Creative Cauldron and the Pizza was provided by Papa John's Pizza. The readings were well attended and filled with a very responsive audience. There was fantastic positive feedback from all, and I think that the readings were very helpful to the creative team. So look for more news about Martin, The King of Pizza here, and if you have not heard any music from it, you can listen to some over HERE at Matt Conner's website.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

How McCain will pay for his Health Care Plan: Cut 1 Trillion from Medicare.

Politics As Usual - 10/7/08 Round Video Round Up

Keith Olbermann on Sarah Palin's mud slinging...

A mini documentary on the "Rape Kit" controversy surrounding Sarah Palin.

The View on the McCain ad "Sex-ed for children"

John McCain VS John McCain


I am finally reminded of who McCain reminds me of...

And this final clip just seals the deal. John McPenguin.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

NYC - Bright Lights - Matt Conner's Music Honored in NYC.

Last weekend was the "Bright Lights" concert at the Triad Theatre in NYC. My husband, Matt Conner was chosen by the Dreamlight Theatre Company in NYC to represent DC as a composer. He was given a slot in their new works concert that featured new work by composers from Philly and Chicago (and DC).
I was so proud that he was given this honor and chance to show his music in NYC for the first time! I was more proud that he chose to honor several of his "B" cast singers who work with him while he is developing a song, when he had the option of using only New York singers. He did use ONE New York singer...Kathy Voytko, who went to Shenandoah University with Matt (before I got there). She sang "Boston" from Sleepy Hollow".
But here I am Getting before hand.
We drove into NYC Sunday afternoon, with Kurt Boehm being the gracious driver of the weekend...

I had not been to NYC in 3 years, and everytime I see the city, it takes my breath away...

We arrived and made our way to the Triad Theatre, which we found was on the second floor above a Turkish restaurant...

When we got inside, we rehearsed our set of songs...
First up was Priscilla Cuellar singing "Runaway" from Matt's upcoming song cycle "Partial Eclipse"...

Next up is Kurt Boehm singing "Purple Sky", also from "Partial Eclipse"...

Next up is Kathy singing "Boston" from Sleepy Hollow...

Finally, I close the concert with "Dreamland" from Nevermore. Mike Meija kindly shot these photos...

Here we are after happily ending the concert...

More tomorrow....stay tuned!

Friday, October 03, 2008

COMING ATTRACTIONS: The Secret Life of Bees

I LOVED this book, and am a little scared about how young the casting is for the Boatwright sisters, but am willing to suspend disbelief. I really WANT to love this movie. Let's all keep our fingers crossed!

Change that you can believe in...

Things are getting a little scary in my wallet.
According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, a trip to the grocery store will cost you 10.5% more this year than last year.
Did you just hear that?
10.5% more.
I have indeed been feeling my wallet shudder in fear the past several months. I have had moments so dire that I took all the change in my change jar and cashed it in at a coin star to buy food for the week.
It's that bad.
I know that it must be bad for all of you as well. Not as many people are buying tickets at Ticketplace, not as many people are tanning at the tanning salon. Not as many people are buying candles through my website. Attendance at local theatres is way down as well.
These are indeed scary times for me and all of you. The amount of money that we pay for gas is truly insane. I know that it has "gone down" since this summer, but it is still ridiculous. I know that gas costs more overseas and that we should consider ourselves "lucky" that it is not that high, but I am here to tell you that my salary has not gone up with the gas prices. My salary has not gone up with the food prices. I, like everyone else have started to struggle much more just to get through the week.
I'm not getting on a soapbox here, I'm just preaching to the choir. No matter who wins the election in November, the only change that I can believe in right now is the change that bought my groceries. And I am blessed and lucky that I even had that.
The economy is the number 1 issue in this presidential election, and we cannot pretend that it isn't. Look closely at the two economic plans. Really look at the break downs based on income per individual. Look at the tax breaks. I know which candidate is going to be helping my trembling wallet more.
So until something is done to pull us out of this quicksand that we seem to be descending into en masse, I am going to hope and pray that my change doesn't run out.
Not a sermon, just a thought.


HERE is a list of Sarah Palin's lies of the night.

And can I just say....all I want is someone in the White House who can actually PRONOUNCE the name of a device that can kill us all!!! IT IS NUCLEAR NOT NUCKULAR!!!!!
Don't preach about education and No Child Left Behind when you use words like "ain't", "ya' know" "gosh" and "Nuckular".
Also: I don't really want anyone in the White House who winks at me through a TV camera.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

6 hours till VP debate...

UPDATE: McCain's facial ticks/ confusion at speech yesterday.

More over HERE on the story I put on here yesterday about McCain's speech yesterday, where he had more twitches on his face than usual, then was confused how to get off of the stage. A doctor gives their opinion after viewing the full McCain speech. CHECK IT OUT!


I really would like to think that everyone who reads this site is ALREADY registered, but if not, I implore you to do so. The deadline in some states is Saturday, October 4th. You have little time left, and then if you are not registered, you have NO VOICE in this election. NO VOICE in the future of this country. NO VOICE in your own future interests, and also, NO RIGHT to BITCH about whoever won later!!!

Copy and paste this link into your web browser to find out where you can register to vote!


"Don't Vote" - a message from big celebrities to you, the unregistered voter. (and by "don't vote"...they really mean DO) If you watch this, please be advised that there is some profanity in the ad.

TONIGHT at Church Street Theatre...

Tonight Matt and I will be participating in a reading of a new play as part of Ganymede Theatre's Fall Festival. Wendy Rieger, an anchor for Channel 4 News, stars in this reading, and I am here to tell you....she is VERY good! Hysterical, I will even venture to say. She would work all the time in theatre if that was what she did for a living. So come out and see us if you are in the Dupont area tonight. We will be done before the debate really kicks in, so no worries there!

Dysfunction Spelled Backwards...is family
Thursday, October 2nd
Pay What You Can Admission - $10 dollar donation requested
Church Street Theater, 1742 Church St. NW
Dysfunction Spelled Backwards...is family
by Carl Menninger, Director of Theatre, Music Theatre and Dance, AU
Directed by Michael Baron, Signature Theatre
Featuring Wendy Rieger, News Channel 4 Anchor
and students of American University
For more information, visit...

Countdown to VP debate: T - Minus 10 hours and counting...

The ladies of The View on Sarah Palin. God, don't you just want to smack Elizabeth sometimes? Thank God for Whoopi and Barbara!

And the LATEST Sarah Palin gaffe. Do these ever stop coming out???

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

John McCain's Press Conference on 10/1

In real time...

then in slow mo.

Sarah Palin is next in line for the job should anything happen to John McCain.
Why won't he release his full medical record?

More Palin-tology...

On what publications she reads...

Jack Cafferty again responding to the Couric interview... (watch Katie's face at about 0:34 - she has given up at that point - hysterical!)

Sarah Palin back to back with Tina Fey discussed on CNN...

Sarah Palin on "What does a VP do?"...right about at 2:59 of this clip. wow.

I have no words.