Monday, July 30, 2007


(Me and Erin Driscoll)

Metro Stage put this up on their site. This is the first official announcement of me and Erin doing the show.

(Me and Erin)

Press machine begins.

Recently consumed material...

(Me and Josh Lefkowitz after his show at last year's Fringe Festival)

Ready for a LINK laden post?
Last year, I only got out to 1 Fringe Festival show which was buddy Josh Lefkowitz's Help Wanted - that was so successful that he was asked to do the show last year at Woolly Mammoth, and even was talked about in the Washington Post this year, calling his success at the Fringe the "Lefkowitz Effect", and guessing which shows from this season's Fringe Festival would have the same effect! I was kind of out of the loop on all that was going on. This year I got to see several more, as I am working downtown one block from the Fringe box office, I knew of many more shows that I wanted to see. I didn't make it to all of them, but got to take in a couple.
I also got to see Souvenir at Studio Theatre, which I saw twice because I loved it so much. J.Fred Shiffman and Nancy are treasures to this city's Theatre community. Their work in this hysterical and touching piece is unparalleled with anything I have seen in quite some time. I adored it.
OK...I saw:
Pangs of the Messiah at Theatre J
Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind at Woolly Mammoth
Glory Days at Signature
The New Eddie Lounge Show at Arena's Living Stage
I had a great time at all of the shows, but wanted to share several highlights...

Pangs of the Messiah's taut pressure, which built throughout the piece quite effectively...

The comic character of Andy in Glory Days at Signature, as played by Charlie Brady. Also all of the jokes about Fat Beth. Funny.

Brianne Cobuzzi's vocal stylings as Brandy Alexander in The New Eddie Lounge Show. She raised the roof off of the joint singing "Lady Marmalade". I was really impressed by her amazing voice.

TMLMTBGB at Woolly Mammoth- all of it in general. We (Me and Matty) loved this show so much that we went twice. This troupe (The Neo-Futurists) came here from Chicago, where the show runs regularly on the weekends. This troupe attempts to perform 30 "plays" in 60 minutes. The plays are not long, ranging from 5 seconds to 2-3 minutes and also ranging from comedic to tragic. I loved that they blended both, as it made the points of the serious material land so much harder after you had been laughing just 2 minutes before. But god, when you laugh, you really laugh. I scream laughed uncontrollably several times. I had such a good time, and only wish that it was running for a longer span of time, or that Woolly will bring them back for at least a month's run sometime soon.

Oh yeah,
My Favorite novel from last summer is out in paperback today. I snapped up a copy while at the Safeway getting dinner. If you have not read this incredibly terrifying book, you have to pick it up soon. You won't put it down until you are through with it. It is truly that good.

I have been really into the singer Diane Reeves lately. I started to know of her after watching "Good Night and Good Luck". Now I am really hooked on her renditions of "Who's Minding the Store", "Gotta Be This or That", and "Too Close for Comfort", among others. Her voice is smooth as silk.

I also have put an end to the summer blond look. I had to dye my hair again, and well...while I wanted to go darker, it went a little too dark...

It is already fading, though. It will be fine in a couple weeks.

Also, a recent bizarre obsession of mine is this silly You Tube video that makes no sense. The song goes on and on with lyrics that make your brain hurt if you try to understand them, and a tune that repeats over and over again without relent. I have not yet been able to listen to the whole thing, and believe that if you do, you will probably lose your sanity. Enjoy.

More news tomorrow...I promise. I've got something good to officially announce tomorrow...
Good night to all,

Friday, July 27, 2007

Internet Surfing While On Lunch Break at Work Brings Us.....

I want it SOOOOOOOOO bad!

When I was a dog walker (feels like a million years ago now), I used to walk these 2 Standard Poodles that I HATED! These dogs drove me insane daily, and then there were two other old and decrepit mini poodles that I walked that I hated equally (yes-me-lover of all canines can actually say that I could not stand these dogs in question)
So I can totally identify with this tee shirt. Beyond that, I think that it is HY-sterical!

See this picture??? Those were the creatures in question...ugh! So glad I don't have to do that anymore!
I love the shirt.

back to work I go.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Just announced on Signature's website, you will have a second chance to see my cabaret, Use What You Got at Signature's second Open House on Saturday, August 4th! Also, I will be performing with my folk trio, Little River Turnpike a couple of times in the plaza out in front of the theatre. My hubby, Matt Conner will also be teaching a master class in composition on the same here are the times of things that I or my hubby will be involved in:

Little River Turnpike

On the Plaza Stage
Amy McWilliams, Steve McWilliams, and Stephen Gregory Smith join together to sing some of their favorite pop songs.

Use What You Got with Stephen Gregory Smith

In the ARK Theatre
Fresh from his hit performance during Signature’s Sizzlin’ Summer Concert series. Stephen Gregory Smith goes through his songbook of past roles and favorite audition songs, exploring three character types that he is frequently called on to play: rock crooner, boy next door, and neurotic mess. This eclectic blend of songs is sure to make you laugh and keep your toes tapping at the same time.

Master Class in Composition with Matt Conner

In the Shen Rehearsal RoomActor and composer Matt Conner (Nevermore) shares his thoughts on composition and the process of musical development. If you’ve ever wanted to write a musical, take this master class with Conner, a Shenandoah Conservatory graduate.

Little River Turnpike

On the Plaza Stage
See above description.

Signature Sings Broadway in Shirlington

On the Plaza Stage
Welcome back the Open House performers and additional special guests for an exciting closer to the Open House. Featuring music from the upcoming season and some of your favorite Broadway tunes, it’s a concert you just can’t miss!

So, come out and see us if you can! The last Open House was a ton of fun, and there are tons of different things for everyone to do throughout the day, and all for FREE!
For a full schedule of the Open House, click here.
Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

At the Movies...

Well, I saw 2 fantastic films this week. First up....HAIRSPRAY.
Cutting right to the million dollar question-Travolta...
Travolta was wonderful, in my opinion. I liked seeing a softer side of Edna Turnblad. I also like the dead on Baltimore accent that had Eleasha in stitches from the first line. The cast is great, the dancing is wonderful, Christopher Walken is fantastically honest in his performance, which was charming. Nikki Blonsky was perfect as Tracy Turnblad. Her voice was much less annoying than the original Tracy on Broadway.
James Marsden was fantastic as Corny Collins(the role that I would like to play someday).
If you have not seen, please do. I was dancing in my seat the whole movie. It is such a fantastic time at the movies.

Then I had the exquisite pleasure of seeing La Vie En Rose. Wow. I was totally blown away. I knew little to nothing about Edith Piaf, and it did not matter. The film has supposedly been criticized for it's jumpy nature, and how it jaunts from time period to time period and is hard to follow. I didn't get that at all, and as I said, I knew nothing of Edith Piaf's life. Marion Cotillard is ...I don't even know what to say about her it a performance? It is simply breathtaking. She is nothing short of a miracle in the role. You have to go and see this is amazing.

Those are my two movie picks of the week. And PS-It has been nice to see that the comments are back up on my site for the first time in a long time. I have even made commenting a bit easier again. (It's been long enough, I suppose). So feel free to comment and continue the discussion as you have in the posts below. That's what makes this all so much fun.
More real soon...


Thanks to all of you who have expressed warm thoughts and wishes to my Dad. He went through several surgeries, and is doing better by all reports. It is scary as hell when something like this happens and shakes you to your foundation. All of the silly and stupid things in your little life of details seem insignificant.
I thank all of the support and wonderful phone calls that I have recieved. They mean everything. And all of that positive thought must have paid off, because he will most likely be released home tomorrow.
Thanks again.
Love, SGS

Sunday, July 22, 2007


My Dad went to Westmoreland Hospital this morning with chest pains and will be staying the night there in the CCU for observation. Please send positive thoughts and prayers to him.

Friday, July 20, 2007


I laughed so hard at this! Just when you think he's going to stop, he yowls again. So cute!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


..apparently doing a cabaret is a viable way to lose four pounds, because I woke up four pounds lighter this morning. Weird.

PS...Doesn't Helen Hedman look hot?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


So it is finally over. Thank God. I was a nervous wreck. In fact, I've never been more nervous in my life. It felt like the longest audition ever.
I was pleased to have a packed house, which I didn't expect, and pleased to see it packed with so many friends.
As I walked up to the theatre, I saw this lovely advertisement outside on the street...

Which was great...what was even greater was pulling back and seeing what was just outside my frame...Helen Hedman looking all sexy on a bench, ready to see my show!

I had SO many good friends there to support me: I spotted Amy McWilliams, Eleasha Gamble, Stevie Cupo, Donna Migliaccio, J. Fred Shiffman, Ilona Dulaski, Carolyn Griffin, Eric Schaeffer, Andy Torres, Matt Conner (of course), Helen Hedman, The Maylees, Kara Tameika Watkins, Ryan Halbrook, and MANY others. We were packed. I was honored and humbled.
Before the show, a woman came up to me outside of the box office and gave me a little cow, because she loved Into the Woods and wanted me to have it. It was my talisman of good luck. It was so touching to me. It made my night.
I guess the show went good, but honestly it is all a blur.
I just want to thank all of you who came and supported me. This was the hardest thing that I have ever done, and I am so glad that I had such a great and responsive crowd, and am so glad that everyone seemed to have a fantastic time.
Thank you to Jenny Cartney, who was a powerhouse of piano and vocal back up, thank you to the Signature Theatre staff, who bent over backwards to let me do what I needed to do, and thank you to all of you who came. I am truly blessed to have so many friends.
Thanks most of all to my partner, Matt Conner, who steered me in the right direction last night. I could never do anything in life without you, baby. I am so thankful for all of your direction (Matt basically directed my show) and I love and thank you so much for making me realize that all I need to be is me.
I love you, Matt.
Thanks everyone.
We'll talk soon,
Now I need to go and pass out, I am so tired that I can barely think.

This is it...

So here is our basic set for the show, which we ran through tonight. Matty was there and saved the day. He gave me all of my ideas of what to talk about.
This show could have been a ton of crap, and now it is more personal...I credit that to Matt.

My set is still there, with a joke picture of Eleasha in the other chair to emphasize the fact that she is not there..

And this is what I will see when I look out at you all...I only hope to make you all laugh. We shall see what tomorrow brings...

Luv, SGS

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Here we go...

Well, I am done with work totally until after my cabaret is done on Tuesday night. (Well, not entirely true...I am going in for a few hours to TICKETplace on Monday to set up the events for the coming week, but I'll only be there for maybe 3 hours in the afternoon). I am glad I have this time to concentrate, breathe, and relax before the big show. And that is just what I am doing this evening. I am currently cooking some steak that marinated for exactly one full day prior to being cooked (heaven), and watching Taxi Driver casually in the background as I am writing this. (Because apparently nothing says relaxation on a Saturday evening like Taxi Driver...? I have problems, don't I?)
You know, I never remember when I agree to do a cabaret what mental stress and exhaustion I put myself through. I started out saying I'd do one thing, and what I have ended up with is totally different in the end; like it always is. Yes, the song list may be the same (save one or two differences). But I have gone from the idea of doing it as a classy (heh.) and simple (heh.) evening of me in a black tie singing something totally different...(heh-heh-heh). You see...I would love to be that kind of "I'm going to put on a classy evening of Sondheim and Kander and Ebb" guy. I'm just not. I'm not that guy at all. I'm many guys, but that one ain't one of em'. So I thought that I would be all of the guys that I am and have been along the way. Last time we talked I told you that if I had it over to do again, I would rename the cabaret "mix tape". I think that the time before I thought I would call it "typecast". I think that TONIGHT I think that I would call it "me?"
You see, I think that everyone, whether they are an actor or not, plays different roles in their own personal life, and they don't even know it or think about it. Think...are you the same person at your customer service orientated day job "So sorry sir, can I do anything else to help you?" that you are at home when you are walking around naked drinking a beer at 9PM while dancing around to "Xanadu" on the stereo? (maybe that's just me) Are you the same person at a crowded bar having pleasant conversation with casual aquaintences and nodding "uh-huh...uh-huh", as you are when you are in a job interview (or audition) selling yourself and being as extroverted as you can manage to be without being to verbose (there is always a very fine invisible line, isn't there?). Yes, after all, you are the same human being underneath it all, but you develop mechanisms for different scenarios that you deal with on the day to day basis. "There is a time and a place for that" some will say about certain behavior. Exactly.
When you put on certain outfits in your day to day life, now be honest, don't you have a "this is my professional outfit" or your "this is my Sunday church outfit", or the next day you have your "I'm doing nothing but sitting on my couch, watching Turner Movie Classics and eating bon-bons" outfit (usually sweats and a tee shirt). These are your costumes.
I plan to explore all of these things in a frank and funny manner on Tuesday night. It probably won't be as heavy as what I just went on a rant about, but it will be fun.
I feel like I am in preparation for a marathon of sorts on Tuesday night. In a way, I guess I am.
I hope to see you all there on Tuesday night.
For tickets, call 703-820-9771.
bye bye.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Off to rehearsal...

I am off to rehearsal for my cabaret, "Use What You Got". I have been rehearsing by myself most of the day, but am meeting Jenny Cartney after Witches is over and running through the tunes and duets.
I will say this...I frequently make mix cd's for people, and have a pretty good knack at it. This cabaret is a good mixed cd in itself. I should have called the damn show "mix tape". Oh well. Hindsight is 20/20. I understand that I am if not the highest in ticket sales of all the cabarets, at least a close second! That is cool, and nice to know that Signature regulars are coming out to support me. I talked on the phone to Donna Migliaccio today, who had just ordered her own ticket. (god bless her).
Tonight I have been concentrating on 2 songs in particular: "Tear Jerk" from I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change , and "Franklin Sheperd Inc." from Merrily We Roll Along. These two are pretty wordy patter songs, and you really have to chew your words carefully. It is surely a challenge.
What I really love about this mix of songs is that there is something for everyone. Pop, rock, Sondheim (4 Sondheim songs, actually), and even an oldie. I hope to see you there, and I will post more on my rehearsal tomorrow morning.
For tickets, call 703-820-9771.G'night,

The Party...

Well, what would any kind of birthday party for me be without enough Cici's deep dish pepperoni and garlic cheese bread to kill a horse? The dining room table was stacked with it, and I think I just finished the last of the pizza on Friday night. Amazing.

Sean brought his kid over (Albert) so Buddha and he could run around and play during the party...

As it frequently goes with your own birthday parties, I don't really have many pictures. Just these few....
Robin showing us "newborn baby from the hospital"...

Robin and Tracy...

Donna and Fred...

It was a nice small gathering for an hour or so, then more people came and I forgot to take more pictures...I think this one was my last one that I took...

You can kind of see that Eleasha and Kara-Tameika arrived. There in the background you can see Faisil talking to Stephanie Waters...anyways...we had a great time, and I am so glad that I got to see all of my wonderful, generous and amazing friends.

It was a long night for all concerned, including the pups, who from the look of this picture had hit the booze a little too hard that evening....:)
More on Birthday week later on...

Birthday Week Crafts...

In preparation for my birthday party, which was a week ago, I of course wanted to make the house look extra festive. While walking a dog in Arlington about 2 weeks ago, I spotted a large discarded painting on the curb. Looking at it, it was no wonder why it was discarded. It was a farm scene in the fall, cheekily painted.

I picked it up and put it in my car, having something in mind for this gigantic frame. I stopped by Target and bought a long and thin poster of James Dean, then went home to prep the frame. I taped off the appropriate ares and painted the frame green apple, then the matte a baby blue. I mounted the poster and sealed it.

I then moved it to my entertainment center, and put four votive holders under each picture. Matty and I can never find anything large enough to dwell on top of the entertainment center and be a sort of focal point, and I think I have succeeded with this curb transformation.

Also, knowing that I did not have enough room in the fridge for food and beer, etc, I dusted off my old college refrigerator from the storage closet and found a way to make it look a little more festive. I wallpapered it with my old Garbage Pail Kids cards. It took on a fun, if not gaudy retro 80's look that I find fun. I moved it outside for the festivities.

I then turned my eye to my bathroom and wanted to tart it up a bit. Taking a point of view of the painting that rest on the back of the toilet, which is of a playing card Joker, I took a deck of cards and pulled the appropriate ones and attached them to the tiles with putty. Sean came up from the bathroom later that evening laughing, saying that I was brilliant. (He got the joke; the cards on the tiles worked out to a royal flush.)

I added a few other subtle touches....a nice down spot on the Marilyn Monroe picture in the living room that kind of makes it look like she is stepping into the light of a street lamp...

I added all red lights to the hanging paper lanterns in the living room...

Also, Matty got me a lovely bunch of flowers for the dining room table...

I also picked and arranged these myself...

Now that I had tarted my house up sufficiently, the party was ready to begin...

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Disco Belle Hibiscus...

And low and behold this early morning, I go out to see if they have bloomed again for my birthday...
and they have!

My Birthday 2007: 29; Dog walker no more...

So, today is my birthday, and my last year in the decade of the 20's.

I also (due to personal reasons) quit Happy Hounds yesterday. I am no longer a dog walker.
In other news, my Disco Belle Hibiscus, which has bloomed on my birthday for 3 years in a row is fixing to bloom any minute now.

Isn't that weird? It has it's first bloom on my birthday every year.
This plant loves me.
Anyway...happy b-day to me.
talk to you all tomorrow night.