Friday, April 28, 2006


Well, tomorrow morning at obscene o'clock, I am off to PA to see the parental units.
I really don't want to go, but I have to. Being a Cancer, I usually want to stay in my own shell, and in my own routine. I hate to deviate from my routine at all.
That being said, I will gladly drive home and raid the local grocery store, Pechin's Market, and bring home tons of good food for cheap. I will also enjoy seeing the mountains of Pennsylvania coming back to life on my way back home.
I will be returning on Sunday evening, just in time for an intimate barbecue at Amy and Steve McWilliam's house on Sunday evening. Lynn Filusch will also be coming in this weekend for an audition, so it will be nice to see her, as well. I'm sure Sadie and Buddha will be happy to see each other again, as well.
I usually make a Fall trek back to my house, because I love to see the Appalachians during the Autumn. I enjoy stopping and buying pumpkins and Indian Corn and Cider at roadside stands.
I usually work during the Spring and Summer, so trips home are not that often during those seasons. I can't even remember the last Spring I was in Pennsylvania.
I have such fond memories of these seasons in this glorious state, too. I would get a call from my best friend, Julie, and we would drive up to their cabin on the Yough, and me and Julie and her parents would take their boat out and intertube on the river. We had such a good time. I remember that Julie and I would make mix tapes together in anticipation of such outings.

Some songs that stick out in my head were, "Always be my Baby" by Mariah Carey, "Soul to Squeeze" by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and "If" by Janet Jackson. Also anything by the Steve Miller Band.
We would drink pop after pop...(sorry, soda) and have what we called "cabin burping contests". A "Cabin Burp" was a raw, savage burp that we would never have uttered under normal circumstances, but in the savage wilds of the Summit Mountain, it was acceptable.

I have to confess something...I started writing this, not meaning to get sentimental for a friend who I have lost touch with, then I got sentimental. I remembered her parent's home phone number by heart, and dialed it not 2 minutes ago. Her dad answered, and informed me that she gave birth to a baby boy named Caleb, not 2 weeks ago. Wow.
Where have I been?
Wow. Now I just talked to her, and might see her tomorrow. I hope I do.
I will slip through Cumberland and Lick Hollow tomorrow on my way home. I will pass Sideling Hill, and it's geological exhibit, I will pass down Historic Route 40, and pass Fallingwater, Kentuck Knob, Laurel Caverns and other sites of interest.
I will be home for not more than 24 hours.
I will speak to you all on Sunday night.

PS..I am STILL obsessed with Amy McWilliams...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Never bite the hand that walks you.

I hate that this happened today.
I have worked in the pet industry for 6, almost 7 years now, and anyone close to me would tell you how much I love animals. I am always the one who blames dog attacks on the dog's owners. I firmly believe that. I have always said that there are no bad breeds, just bad owners.

I had a scary experience today.
I was sent to a household that I have never been to. I was to take care of 2 dogs that lived there. Let us call them Blackie and Jaws. Blackie is a sweet, gangly little mutt of a dog who seems lovely and inviting when I first enter the home. Jaws is a bit more reserved. Jaws has not made up her mind about me.
No biggie. I am trained in this. I am careful to make no eye contact with Jaws, and talk in high reassuring tones. I proceed past Jaws into the kitchen, then to the back door, to open it and let the two out. (We don't walk this household, merely let them run out back.)
Jaws and Blackie run outside gleefully, Jaws pays me no mind. I grab a frisbee and throw a few for them. They play along, happy and content in the sun. I change it up to a tennis ball. They chase a few rounds of these. Then it becomes clear that they are over the game portion of our activity together, and have started some serious sniffing. I know my place, and I back away to leave them to their business.
I spot a yard hammock, and use the opportunity to stretch out on it. Spread out on the hammock and looking up at the blue sky, I What a great job this can be sometimes. I'm getting paid to stretch out in a hammock...even if only for 5 minutes. Nice. Cold and wet snouts break me from this daydream, as Blackie and Jaws come over to sniff my face.
I laugh and get up. I see if they are interested in any more fetch. They are half interested, but more interested in me at this point. I get down on their level, still not making eye contact. they sniff me further, and I manage to start petting both of them. They seem game. Even Jaws seems to be won over by me. I have Jaws head between my two hands, and am rubbing her ears. My face is right against hers. I am talking baby talk. All is good. I turn to walk inside, and gesture that they come with me, since our time together is winding to a close. They come inside.
While the hesitation on Jaws part should have given me a little more pause, considering the breed...Pit Bull...I never thought twice. I am so trusting to any dog I meet in that way.

I refilled their water, filled out my little slip, and went to give Jaws one more pet on the head before I went.

Jaws bit down on my hand and clamped her jaw. She held on for about 5 seconds, applying enough pressure for me to scream at high decibels. She must have decided that she didn't like that, because she let go. What a miracle. If she had done what Pit Bulls usually do after they clamp down their jaw, which is shake their prey, then I would have had some broken fingers...if I would have kept my fingers.
When she let go, I stumbled back into the kitchen of the house, keeping a good 12 feet of distance from her. She maintained her defensive stance. I could see her hackles raised, and could hear faint growling. I looked at my hand, and it looked like a crimson fountain. It was throbbing as well. I continued yelling from pain as it throbbed. There was so much blood and ripped flesh that it looked like hamburger.

I immediately knew that I had to be smart and make no more sudden movements. I had no idea if Jaws was going to try a secondary attack. She was still in her defensive stance with her hackles raised, and growling after all. I know that dogs sense fear. They can smell fear, actually. My mind snapped into survival mode, and I don't really think that I was afraid until the situation was over. Jaws was standing in a passway between the kitchen and the dining room. The passway was about 5 feet wide, with her bearing down at the left side of it. I had to clear to the right side. I slowly walked past her, sure that she would tear into my calf muscle and shake her head. She did not. Once past her, I increased my walking speed slightly. Just before I got to the door, I heard her growl more threateningly. Then I heard her claws against the wooden floor, and I turned to see that she was on the move...right my way. I reached for the door handle, twisted it and got myself out of the door and shut it behind me as she was no more than 3 feet from my heels. Once out of the house, I heard her bark and howl menacingly, but I was safe now.
I called my boss, and asked her to meet me there with a first aid kit.
As I waited for her to arrive, the possibilities of what could have happened started to play through my mind. Then fear really set in. By myself in this house with this aggressive boss wouldn't have even thought to call me to see why I wasn't back yet for about 4 hours past that time. Scary.
Well, my wounds, which pretty much amount to some punctures and rips on my right pinky and ring finger, are all cleaned and dressed. From when she locked down her jaw, my hand still is throbbing. Such pressure in that bite. Both of the fingers are swollen, too.
As for the dog? We immediately dropped the client. The fact that the dog was fine with me in the back yard...the fact that in the backyard, I had my face right up in front of the dog...and then we got inside and she just turned that quick. Too scary.
Well, the work day is over, and my bandaged hand rest on my own killer dog's head. Reasons like the story above are why I happily own a Pug.



Well....this little blog has grown so much since last September when I started it.
I have had 12,417 hits since then. And with this, I am making my 300th post.
I commemorated Post #100, but didn't commemorate #200. Don't know why.
With this post, I will post an autographed headshot of Doug Bradley, the actor who plays "Pinhead" in the Hellraiser films.
I have been waiting for a chance to post this chipper little sentence of encouragement from Pinhead...


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

On Tidy Endings

Well, I haven't done much personal diary blogging lately, and there have been many reasons for this...A) Lack of anything interesting to say.
B) The residual sickness that is still effecting me.
C) Finishing work and personal stuff this week, before going into the rehearsal fray next week.
That being said, when I enter into rehearsal next week, don't expect the same play by play of weaknesses and strengths during rehearsal that you got during Damn Yankees.This is a different ballgame all together. This show, I would rather keep a radio silence on until you see it, and after it is done. I don't want to give away too much of the punch. If you want rehearsal updates of Assassins, I will refer you to Signature's Blog, as they will give away what they want to give away.
This show is going to be such a special undertaking that the performance of it should speak for itself. I will leave it to that.
So during rehearsal, I will still blog, but not about my rehearsal. Deal?
The trip I was supposed to take to PA to see my folks last weekend got pushed to this coming weekend, due to my flu. So this coming Sat. Morn, I will be off to PA.
Back on Sunday eve.
I've picked up many a dog turd this week. The life of an actor. *sigh*
We got another tent for the back yard, so summer is fully on its way.
Eleasha is back in the fold, and has been over several times. So great to have her back.

My friend, Kurt Boehm from One Red Flower, got the part of Ren in Footloose at Toby's 2 in Baltimore. He'll be great, and I am happy for him.

Sean MacLaughlin is in Lestat, and that doesn't seem to be doing so hot, so I feel bad for that. On the upside, maybe he'll be able to sneak down for a visit sooner than later? Just kidding. It's really not funny.
Ryan and Matt and I just took an impromptu (at 11:30PM) drive through North Arlington and Del Ray to look at a few houses that we have seen for sale that we were in love with that we wouldn't ever be able to buy. It was fun...then depressing. ;)

Oh, and to top it all off, I caught the pug blogging again.
That's all I got today. I hope to be better in the remainder of the week before my PA trip and Assassins rehearsals start.

Monday, April 24, 2006


*sigh* this will be an interesting day. I have a LITTLE bit more of a voice than yesterday, but not really a whole lot. In all honesty, I don't see how this is going to happen, but I will give it my best try. I will just have to go all Rex Harrison on this music.
Still didn't sleep through the night...kept waking up drenched with sweat. Changed pj's 3 times last night. Yet no fever...
I sure made poor Matt miserable with all my bellyaching during the night. If I couldn't sleep, I guess I made sure he couldn't either.
He did make me laugh very hard in the middle of the night when he pulled Buddha up in a cradle hold and said, "Come on, Boo- everybody's sick! Can't you at least let out a stinker or something? Why don't you throw up?"
I laughed till it hurt. Which didn't take long.
I am just praying that adrenaline kicks in or something and I am able to sing this least my solos, you know? I am doubled on the tenor part everywhere but during solo work. Sometimes I am tripled, so they do have the coverage. We shall see.
Cross your fingers...

Sunday, April 23, 2006

SICK-Part 2

Well...there is good news and bad news.
After over 2 days of continuous fever, this morning, at about 9:30ish, the fever finally broke, and I have not been above 100.3 since. (A fever is categorized as 100.4 or higher). SO I now feel like I can sit still without becoming uncomfortable. I hope to sleep through the night tonight-it would be nice considering that I have not slept a complete night's sleep since Wednesday night.
When you have a continuous up and down fever for over 2 days, you aren't really present on this earth. You float somewhere in between.
I would awaken almost every half hour and recheck my temperature, (just sure that it would be approaching 107 and total brain damage), this was never the case, just a crazy paranoia on my part. Why not? It was at least a thought to entertain me as I tossed and turned in my soaking bed. Yes, soaking.
I changed bed clothes 2-3 times a night, and am convinced that I lost about 5 pounds.
I sweated to beat Jesus. What a joy I must have been to sleep with these past few nights. Matt deserves a medal of honor, and I hope to God that he doesn't get this too.
The really bad thing is the painful cough. So severe that it brought up bloody mucus at times. (Ryan, who had this exactly one week ago said that he had this as well, just from the dryness and dehydration). My cough has rendered my voice useless. I have barely spoken and drank nothing but water for 48 hours. I have not smoked since Friday night. Yeah, it's that serious.
I am steaming my voice and doing everything that everyone is told to do.
And I have a 5 hour rehearsal day, then workshop tomorrow night at Ford's.
Don't really know at this point how it all is going to happen. I am hoping that I wake up tomorrow morning with just a little bit more than I woke up with today. If so, I'll be able to muscle my way through it. If could be interesting. Let's just cross our fingers, toes, and everything in between.
Previously, while in that fever induced glazed over kind of state, I never really watched anything on TV...I mean-it was on, but I just was staring at it, in a daze. As Matt said to me today, I seemed like I couldn't find the energy to talk.

I plopped on the couch, awaiting and praying that my Motrin kick in soon, and watched on of my all time favs-
The Birds.
Then Matty and I watched the marathon of "The Haunting" on The Discovery Channel. Creepy stuff....then he wanted to switch the station so he wouldn't get nightmares, so we switched the station to SNL. Boo. Just not that funny anymore. I woke him up when it was over...(oh yes-I never really fell asleep...I just sat there, boiling away on the couch), and we went down to bed.

Another evening of soaking sheets, changing bedclothes, and general uncomfortability. As the night passed, and Turner Classic Movies was softly playing in the background, I awoke about once every 20 minutes. To use the restroom, to get another glass of ice water, to change my pajamas, what have you. I remember that at one point there was a Joan Crawford pic on TCM...but I can't tell you which one it was....THAT is how out of it I was. My whole night was spent looking at a little thermometer and a black and white movie screen.
All night I monitored this...(again, for that fear of my brain melting at 107.)
Then this morning I was finally done with my fever...thank God.
So, today was spent a little bit more comfortably on the couch watching...
Fear No Evil (One of the most bizarre films I have ever seen)
The Wedding Date (Dermot Mulrooney...yum.)
Jaws the Revenge (seriously...they ram the shark with their is so bad)
Anyways...I sound like Suzanne Pleshette tonight, so if God is good, I hope that I sound even just a smidge more like myself by tomorrow. Of course, my first thing I have ever done at Ford's, and my first time working with Joe Calarco, and I get the fucking bird-flu.
I have to go and curl up on the couch now, as the next movie in my sick weekend movie spree's title is apt and fitting...
Good Night and Good Luck.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


ugh. Sorry no posts in awhile. I am officially sick. I hardly ever get sick, so this comes as a bit of a shock to me. I woke up this morning with a 103.6 fever. Then I got it down to 101.3, then when I awoke again, it was 103.7. I am currently at 101.5...
Still not great.
ugh. I gotta get off of the computer, it is making my eyes hurt.
More when I feel better.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Helen Hayes.

After a breathless day which was wrought from the fruits of procrastination, I had a great time at the HH's last night.
Until then, I had not so good a time.
I was running around like a crazy man...first to Arena to pick up a W-2, then to walk doggies for about 4 hours, then home to do the remainder of my taxes...
The stress of that time crunch, with the nearest post office closing at 5, Fred coming to pick Matty and me up at 5:45, and I am staring at my computer screen thinking...what the hell is this thing asking me?
I called Fred and explained how I was running late, and we ended up leaving at about 6:30.
*sigh* I'm sure he wasn't ecstatic about that.

Fred and Matty and I encountered little traffic, and zoomed right in to the $28 parking lot. (Really, people...$28??) After trading some "Female Trouble" quips in the car and on the way in, Fred went somewhere to find someone, and Matty and I found Donna Migliacio and her husband, John Migliaccio.

We sat down and chatted, then decided to partake in the spread.

I eat like a 10 year old boy, so the spanakopita or whatever it is called didn't fly with me. I got in the buffet line, and kept walking....and walking...I saw nothing that I could even pronounce. My general rule, if I can't spell it, I don't eat it. I started to think while looking at the selection...*sigh*...I'm gonna be so damn drunk.
Aha! Some pasta and A roll! Yeah! then, the holy grail...Roast beef.
The roast beef lady slapped 3 skimpy pieces on my embarrassing plate. I said..."Hit me again."
"What?", she asked...
I suddenly realized that I wasn't playing poker with deal-a-meal cards, and asked for a few more slices. "This will be mostly what I am eating..", I offered to explain. As if she cared. She slopped on 3 more pieces, and I took my childish and safe plate back to the table with Donna, John, and Matt's much more adventurous plates, ablaze with color and excitement. You take your excitement. I'll stick with old reliables.

Had some beer..."Stella Adro.?.." I can't remember how to spell it, but it was damn good. Maybe that's why I can't remember how to spell it.
It was great to see everyone, as always. You get to have 4 sentence catch up with folks all night. It is kind of strange. Strange, yet wonderful. If it happened more often, and lasted much longer, it wouldn't be as special.

Then we got the bum's rush in melody from some roaming employees with small xylophones...strange.
Fred, Matt and I headed out of the Marriott to start the walk down to the Warner for the awards...but first we were given these little golden boxes full of truffles. Having no place to put them (no, we had no man purses), we decided to use the boxes as purses. We quickly decided against it when we noticed that they didn't match our shoes. I kept mine and ate the candy while watching the awards. You can do that, you know...


It was great to see Brad Oscar, who was a hilarious host and nominee. Also, the unexpected treat of seeing Meg Gillentine, who not only looked gorgeous, but won the award, then made one of the most touching speeches of the evening.
I was happy to see all my friends in Urinetown do so well...I was SO GLAD when Karma Camp won for her hysterical work on Urinetown...Also that Will Gartshore and Erin Driscoll won as well. Well...the Urinetown sweep was not an unexpected thing in anyone's minds, I think. Job well done.

I particularly laughed at all the song parodies (well done, Donna), and the gentleman who was presenting the KPMG award. He got up and said "Thank you all for letting me bring the evening to a grinding halt."
I laughed at that more than anything.
Now...Eleasha was supposed to get into Reagan at 9ish from Alaska. I texted her the whole night, keeping her aware of how many awards were left until her category. Sadly, she didn't make it till the party...
The awards wrapped up and we made our way outside, where we met up with Matt Diess, my good college buddy from Take Me Out at Studio. Since Take me out won, he was very happy. This is me and him being happy.

Ok, so we made it down to the Marriott again, and I got to see Chan McQuay, which is always a treat and a half...

And here are some shots of some of the Damn Yankers reuniting...(Meg Gillentine, Brad Oscar, J. Fred Shiffman, Diego Prieto)

So we go up for a smoke, and when we come back down the escalator, who do I spy with my little eye??

I hugged her for maybe 10 minutes. It was fantastic. SO GLAD to have here home.
The rest of the evening went by in a whirl of booze, bad 90's club music, and colorful dresses...
speaking of which...on the way out of the joint to go home, I snapped a shot of these 2 gals, obviously discussing their choice of apparel.

This was so funny, I made them smile for me...good sports.
If you want to see some other coverage of the event, here are some great links...
Click HERE to read Donna Migliaccio's retelling of her evening, and see some unfortunate photos of yours truly.
Click HERE to read Callie Kimball's evening.
Click HERE for DCTR's coverage.
Click HERE for EVEN MORE terrible pictures of me on Rabbit's blog.
Click HERE for the summary of the awards recipients.
I'm gonna go lay down in my jammies now. I started rehearsal for a workshop of a show at Ford's today, and walked doggies before that. I think a nap is called for.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


I awoke to an Easter basket containing...
1) A pack of Cigarettes
2) A Landscape Design Magazine
3) A pack of Garbage Pail Kids
4) A 4 foot plug-in inflatable yellow chicken coming out of an egg

5) A cute Easter duck
6) Various favorite candies.
So sweet.
I got him...
1) Brokeback Mountain
2) Italian Ice
3) A stuffed Snoopy in a bunny costume
4) A book of Kakuro (the new and harder Suduko)
5) His favorite candy-Cadbury Mini-eggs
6) A kite

I noticed that my Azaleas are slowly staring to bloom...

I bought an Easter Lily on clearance for $3.
We will both become diabetic from the amounts of candy in the house now.
We are currently watching Brokeback.

A Spring thunderstorm is brewing outside at this late hour (1AM). Lightning is flashing outside our window, as thunder compliments it's showing.
Our Eleasha comes back tomorrow night at Helen Hayes and all will be right with the world once more.
She is putting her make-up on while on the plane, and her Daddy (her date) is meeting her at Reagan National with her dress, which she will change into at the airport.
Her flight gets into Reagan at 9PM. She will be joining us late.
What will ensue is the longest hug in theatre history.
Till tomorrow night,
I send thee to sleep.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to each and everyone of you!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

It's Never That Easy...

I get halfway through my taxes and realize that I am missing a W-2. My W-2 from Arena Stage. Where the hell could I have misplaced it? Which means that I need to go there on Monday morning and try to get them to print me up another one...On Helen Hayes day. On top of a full schedule of work...ugh.
Monday is shaping up to be a busy day already.

Week in Review

Well, after the initial Cell phone debacle, the week was a busy one for me.
While continuing an ongoing quest to organize everything in my house, I tried to organize old photos, which of course led to much nostalgia.
Lynn and Ivan and Sadie were down to visit/celebrate her engagement...
We had an egg coloring party,which is always a fun time. Easter memories always bring me back to childhood days, and egg coloring always brings those memories back.
After several days of auditions this week, I got cast in a show 1 year from now. It looks to be a great production. I adore the film, so the show will be cool to do.
Today(Saturday)is devoted to one awful task. Yes, I am a procrastinator. Taxes.
It takes me less than an hour with my computer program, but still...finding out how many thousand dollars I owe is always something I tend to put off.
To lighten the mood, I have selected 3 movies to stick into the DVD player.
Jeepers Creepers
Chopper Chicks in Zombietown
State Fair
Jeepers Creepers is playing currently. What a great film. (Thanks Ryan!)
After taxes are done, I intend on posting lots of Easter treats this weekend.
After taxes.
Might be awhile.

Tool MacVampire says hello...

Sean is all too ready to open Lestat, opening in 2 weeks. He is, I'm sure, a little bored by now. Here is a cell phone photo of him passing time.
He looks as if all the blood has since been drained from him long ago.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Thursday, April 13, 2006


I've had a full week of auditions this week. For various things, here and there.
People are so funny at auditions. I think that auditions bring out the best and worst in actors.
To all of you who read my blog, and that tell me so, NO....this is not about you...
I love you fools might just know who I am talking about, though...
Ok...Here's my deal.
I'm not really an audition-talker.
Yes, I talk to my friends, ESPECIALLY my good friends at auditions. That is fine and cool, and whatever.
I don't even know what I am trying to say by this...but especially right before I go in to sing/read...I don't like to chat the light fantastic, you know?
Usually because I am trying to remember my words/lyrics, and don't need a 411 on anyone's social/theatre life right at that point. I can get that after, you know?
So and So number 1 sits next to me. Oh, lord. I know I am in for it. I open my sides/music to make sure that I seem like I am not interested in a dialogue at that moment.
It doesn't seem to work.
What ensues?
I cannot even focus on what they are saying.
I hate this with a passion.
I saw very good friends there with whom I exchanged pleasantries, then went back to the task at hand. That was fine...and somehow, they did not question why I didn't persue an in-depth conversation with them. They just had better sense.
I also sat next to 2 college girls, presumably from CUA, who loudly gibber-jabbered about musicals they liked or hated.
They had a 20 minute discussion about Lippa's The Wild Party. Then they giggled and said.."Oh my GOD! We are such geeks! We are at a musical theatre audition and talking about musical theatre shows! Oh my GOD!".
My indigestion starts at about this point. I pop a pill.
They go on to talk about Damn Yankees at Arena Stage. And about how they liked this, but didn't like that, and blah-blah-blah.
I realize that they do not recognize me, because...hello...I played #13.
They went on to dish Pacific Overtures at Signature. I knew they didn't recognize me, because...I was a girl, 10 year old boy, samurai, priest, and all in Kabuki and a wig.
I have this to say to young-uns.
When you go to an audition, and yes, I realize that you are nervous, and energy has to come out somehow, however...
Shut the fuck up.
If you see someone you know, hellos, chat for a second, but PLEASE gage out the other person's mental state, and if you get the slightest vibe that they want to go an d be left alone, then by all means...oblige them!
If they want to talk more, they will continue.
Also...DO NOT TALK ABOUT/TRASH OTHER AREA PRODUCTIONS! You never know who is sitting next to you, that you do not recognize. I had a good mind to humiliate these chatty Cathy's, but I couldn't find the negative energy to do it with.
These 2 chatty's saw a friend of theirs who had MUCH more sense than them, who, (after repeated attempts by them to keep conversation going), excused himself by saying..."I'm sorry, I'm just trying to concentrate...".
They scoffed..."Whatever...this is my 4th audition this week...concentrate my ass..".
I would love to go and teach an audition workshop at CUA or any other area school.
These upstarts that I have had run ins with in the past 2-3 years have TONS to learn!
Ok...the old fart is calming down now. (and folks...I WAS an old fart next to some of these fetuses that I was reading against).

The fruits of this week's auditions are starting to bloom already, though.
I got cast as Oscy on Summer of '42 at Round House. The show is about a year from now. wow. Funny thing about it?
I am playing a 16 year old.
I'll be 29 by then.
Where does one purchase Botox?

We Make a Beautiful Pair...

Well...the word has been out for about a week now about 2 of my favorite performers sharing the stage together again next year...
Here is a gorgeous shot of them, as it appeared in the Washington Post...
Doesn't Meg look flawless in this photo? Notice the hand...diva.

Well, if they are reuniting next season, how about the season after that we have this brilliant reunion...

Yes, here we see Marc Kudisch and Donna Migliaccio singing "A Little Priest" from
Sweeney Todd. This was performed at the Signature 15th Anniversary concert last year, and people still talk about the electric chemistry between the two. The number was done on the fly, as there was a no show Sweeney, and Marc stepped up to the plate, very gallantly. The two served up the number with a kinetic energy that oozed off the stage. Lots of that was from sheer adrenaline, since it was maybe the 4th time that they had sang the song together, ever...
But there was more than adrenaline on that stage.
Sweeney Todd 3, anyone? Kudisch Vs. Migliaccio?
Just a thought...

Monday, April 10, 2006

He is Risen...He has Laid Eggs...

Tonight Peter Cotton Tail and Jesus paid a visit to Fairlington. We drank Yuengling and created Easter decorations out of construction paper. I made an embarrassing Easter Bunny mobile. So embarrassing that I will not show it online.
I hung plastic Easter eggs from the trees in the backyard.
We dyed eggs and watched old Sexual Education videos, including, "Sex Education for Trainables" (meaning mentally challenged), "Sally"(a girl coming to terms with puberty), "Masturbation"(A film about the pros and cons of the deed), and "The Outsider"(A social instructional on how to win friends and hang with the right crowd).
Some people watch "The Ten Commandments". Oh well.
Matt Diess(of Take Me Out at Studio), Danny Tippet(of Shenandoah at Ford's), and Lynn Filusch and her new fiancee, Ivan were in attendance.
Here are some photos...