Thursday, August 30, 2007

Top 10 on my Ipod...

Today at work, and out of total boredom and curiosity, I looked at my iTunes to see what songs I listened to the most in the past 2 months since receiving this wonderful gift.
The results made me laugh out loud. Especially the number 1 song.
I guess this just means that if you happen to see me walking my dog, or walking downtown to my job from the Metro, yes...more often than not....
I'm listening to Xanadu.
How embarrassing.

10) Who's Minding the Store? by Diane Reeves
9)Grey Gardens by Rufus Wainwright
8)Addicted by Amy Winehouse
7)Too Close for Comfort by Diane Reeves
6)You Can't Reason with a Headless Man from Disney's Legend of Sleepy Hollow
5)Come to Your Senses from tick, tick...BOOM!
4)Johnny Can't Decide from tick, tick...BOOM!
3)The Man that Got Away by Judy Garland
2)Me and Mr. Jones by Amy Winehouse
1)Xanadu by Olivia Newton John

The number one song is...

It's around 3 O' Robert Goulet in your office?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Buddha Speaks!

Buddha has written an end of Summer reflection over at his website. Check it out, and give him some luvins!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Hope you are enjoying your day!

Spooky Clouds...

This evening, while walking Buddha, and talking on the phone to my Mom, I saw that someone had released a handful of balloons into the air. I had my camera with me, and snapped a photo. I followed the trail of the balloons, and snapped another...

I thought, hmmm...those clouds are dark...I pulled my eye away from the camera and saw this....

and then towards my house, I saw this....


I checked the radar, and apparently, this storm was just on its way to become a bigger one somewhere else, as it passed by me with just a few threatening rumbles, but according to the radar, blew up red to my east.
I was spooked at how quickly the clouds rolled up on me while out walking. Most of these photos were taken after I put Buddha inside. I didn't want him to be spooked.

But look at him. He always looks spooked!
Talk later...

A Restful Sunday...

Baths taken: far.
Cups of Chamomile Tea drank: 4
Chores done: not many. I reloaded and switched out my ipod...does that count? Oooh...I am gearing my ipod up for my favorite time of year (need I even speak it by now?) These are some of the things on my ipod that are getting my mind in the lovely frame of All Hallows Eve:
1) You Can't Reason with a Headless Man - from Disney's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
2) This is Halloween - The Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack
3) Psycho Theme
4) Twilight Zone Theme
5) The Shining Theme (Opening Credits)
6) Various Selections from Evil Dead the Musical (Thanks, Donna)
7) The Mercury Theatre on the Air's Broadcast of H.G. Well's "The War of the Worlds"
Reading done: I'm starting Lisey's Story by Stephen King...I am a few pages in.
Horror movies watched: 3, again, so far...
1) Psycho (the original, of course)
2) The Blair Witch Project (still good, I think.)
3) The Last Broadcast (cheap ending, but it's fun getting there).
4) Currently watching Ice Spiders. (Horrible, but I'm digging the ridiculousness of it!
Hmmm...what else? I think I might sew a pillow or two later. If I feel up to it. I'm sure I'll write about it if I do.
Peace out,

Till Next Week...

I pushed my trip home one week, because I am just not feeling myself right now. I got a late start this morning, and by the time it was time to leave, I wouldn't really have much time at all at home. So, I will just rest myself today, and plan on next weekend. At this rate, I would have been there for less than 24 hours anyway. Ugh.
I hate feeling like I let myself down. Or others.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Texas has a Whore House in it...

We had the reading of Whorehouse tonight in front of an audience of friends, and the composer, Carol Hall. It went fantastic!
From the hysterical portrayal of Doatsy Mae by Channez McQuay to Sherri Edelen's heartfelt Ms. Mona, to Tom Simpson's understated old boy Sheriff, to Ed Dixon's giggle inducing Governor of Texas, to Amy McWilliams' touching portrayal of Ginger, the show was a hit!
Carol Hall loved it! It was so fun and touching, and to be in the company of so many talented local DC actors doing their thing was truly a treat.

I only hope that this show will go to full production soon. From the small audience (about 50)'s reaction, it would be a sell out hit.
It was nice to have something to concentrate on, what with everything in my life being what it is right now. The music of this show is infectious, and will remain in my head for quite some time. I hope that I will have the chance to do it for real in the future.
Talk soon,

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


While I was home this past weekend, my Mom and I were looking through my headshots. We came to photo 208, then moved past it, as it wasn't particularly a good shot to use as a headshot. My mom said, "Wait, go back to that one...#208"
I did. I saw immediately why she wanted me to. To the left of my head in the picture is an image created by shadows through the leaves on the rock. It looks like the face of my Rusty. These photos were taken the night before he went to the doctors.
We called my Dad in to see...he thought that I had put a picture of Rusty in the background, or had doctored the photo. I told him that I had not, it was just shadows on the rock. We all sat and took the image in.
So strange.
208. The numbers added together are Rusty's age.
I don't know what it means, really. It's funny, but Rusty has even been in that park before where we took the headshots.
I would like to think that it means that he will always be here, watching over me.

2 Years on the the 20th...

2 year anniversary. What did I do tonight? The Signature theatre has a clue over here.
I have missed my 2 year anniversary of this blog.
This man is the only one I am thinking of..

That is where my heart is.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy Birthday, Stevie Cupo!!!

(pictured here as Lord Abe in Pacific Overtures at Signature Theatre, 2005 - Photo by Carol Pratt)
Happy Birthday, Mister!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Rusty

Me and the boy, around 2002. (Old Fairlington Townhouse...Hedwig era)

I think that this was his first or second Christmas...Not sure. I used to put that same bow on our cat Pokie's neck, and then on our cat Pumpkin's neck. It looked the best on my sweet boy. (the cats HATED it. He seemed to wear it with pride, as you see in this flirty, poser picture) (He's a model, I swear)

Me, Rusty, and Daddy down at Old Town, again, circa 2002 (Spring by the looks).

Rusty giving Katie (My brother James' dog some luvins. He loves her!

Me and my boy on the "Exorcist" steps in Georgetown. The only time in all my years here that I actually visited these iconic steps. My boy and I had quite a work out, going up and then down again!

Me, Mom, and Rusty...Judging the timeline of hair color and tee shirt, I'd say that I had just finished Hedwig (hence the proud display of tee shirt), but was about to do Footloose at Shenandoah (hence the hair).

Him giving his best model gaze...He truly is a gorgeous animal. Blonde and beautiful. That gorgeous gaze will never leave me.
Everyone keep pouring the positive power of prayer and thought my family's way. We appreciate it.
Goodnight all,
Luv, SGS

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Buddy

Well, I talked to my friend, Kara Tameika Watkins, and she is going to go home with me to see Rusty this weekend. This way, she can drive home, and my family won't have to worry about me driving back upset. I thank God for being blessed with such wonderful friends. Having her with me will ease the stress and strain of the whole trip. I dug through my old photos and found a bunch of my little boy. He is such a clown! I scanned a bunch in, and will post more later, but here are a bunch of cute photos that I had to post. (I bet you haven't seen these in awhile, if ever, Mom).
I'll write more later.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Our Family Dog (Me, Mom, and Dad), Rusty, who is only 10 years old is in poor health. He has a cantaloupe sized tumor in his chest. The tumor has pushed his esophagus up to around his spine. He hasn't been eating well due to this. He probably doesn't have long. I am going home this weekend to say my goodbye to my best boy (besides Buddha). It will be unbearable. I don't know if I even have the strength, but I have to do it. I like dogs more than I like people. This dog is the sweetest boy you could ever imagine. This is all so sudden, it rocks my whole being. I cannot tell you how incomprehensible it is. I cannot believe that I am going to drive up to PA to say goodbye to my little buddy this weekend...what is harder to believe is that I will have to drive away, and how will I do that? How do you say a tangible goodbye? A certain goodbye.
I can't even imagine how hard it will be.
I thought that I would not even suggest this possibility to my parents, because I didn't think that I could bear it. Then I thought of how much my little Rusty lights up when he sees me. This thought ate at me. It is my duty to go and see him and say my goodbye to him. He is as close as a brother to me. How could I just stay here and prefer my memory of him to the truth of how he feels? That would be a selfish decision on my part. Part of being an adult (as I am learning) is putting your own emotions aside to do the right thing for someone else.
I owe my boy this visit.
He was my first dog. We had other dogs all growing up, but my Rusty was my first dog that I identified as my own. He slept in my bed, and was my special boy. He was the first "Inside Dog" that we had. When I left for college, he became the replacement son for my parents to take care of. I cannot imagine the world without him in it.
These animals become such a part of you that you cannot imagine.
I know that Rusty does not have a promising outcome. His outcome is in fact terminal, however, I ask all of you who might read this to say a little prayer for my Rusty. Pray that he is not suffering any pain. Pray that he is not in any discomfort. Pray for my family, that we can process all of this and make it through ok. My Dad has gone through so much lately, and this amazing dog is his little baby. Pray for all of us. Please. We would appreciate it.
This sad song is kind of how how I feel tonight...

I'm sick of feeling this way, but see no immediate way out of it.
Sorry folks.
To quote the Sarah MacLauglin song..."Hold on...hold on to yourself...this is gonna hurt like hell..."



And this one...What do you think?


And This one...

New Headshots...Sample One

What do y'all think of this one?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I watched a nymph Cicada live for the first time ever make its way along my clothesline to find its place that it wanted to shed it's former skin. It struggled for a few hours, then found the place...

Then it decided against the place and perched on a clothes pin...

Then it ventured beyond and found a spot two inches shed it's former skin and found a new identity...

It crawled beyond itself and it's humble beginnings and found it's wings...

It was inspirational to watch...don't we all do that?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The past year in retrospective...

Well, One year ago I logged Post 400, so I guess I had about 300 posts this past year...and if there are 365 days a year...that's really not bad output when you think about it. I have had quite a year...It is amazing to look back on it all and laugh. August 2007 marks the 2 year anniversary of this little piece of the blogosphere that I created. What have I done this past year?

Craft projects over the past year have included:
The Trunk

How to make a backyard GHOUL

A window display of falling foliage

A nice example of Harvest Decor...

I tooled up a badly trimmed tree for a funny yard display...

I showed off my silly Christmas decor for anyone who cared..

Beach trip

I posted some wonderful costume party pictures...ranging from Matt's brilliant Mr. Hanky costume...

To Eleasha and I's costumes last year...

I created a 50's computer desk....I witnessed a Ghostly Glow over Arlington...

I re crafted chairs and old frames into a 50's mood..

I had one Strange Dream

After another...

I saw ducks in the pool...

I met Olivia Newton John...

I was in a show that Eartha Kitt came to see...

I opened a new theatre and took prom pictures...

I fretted about a blind giant on the loose...

I said too many goodbyes..
to the old rehearsal space at Signature

Goodbye to the old lobby parties at the old Signature

Goodbye to the old Signature in the last full production, My Fair Lady...

I said a goodbye to my garage games involving Dana Krueger...

Goodbye to a stupid fiberglass cow...

I said goodbye to one of my favorite dogs, Mr. Cooper...

I said goodbye to Ford's Theatre's Meet John Doe...

I had an interesting an insightful evening viewing the works of a composer that I had no idea that I would be playing a year later, even speaking with his parents...

I wrote of an aggravating experience in my former (and gladly former) career of dog-walking...

I wrote a cathartic piece on my Nana, and her place in my Halloween adoration...

I had a funny train ride....

And was able to announce a dream role in the forthcoming future...

Not a bad year all in all.
I'm exhausted just thinking that it has been a year already.
More blog birthday specials forthcoming this month.
luv, SGS

Eleasha has left us for two months...

Well, someone write a new cabaret, Eleasha is gone again. For two months in Atlanta to do The Women of Brewster Place at the Aliiance Theatre, before they bring it up to Arena Stage to do this fall. We said goodbye Sunday night.
I didn't cry.
Honestly, I didn't.
It won't be long at all, and it is a fantastic gig for her...I even saw her name on Playbill this afternoon at work.
And in a few weeks, I'll be in rehearsal, and before you know it, she'll be back.
This is what I'm telling myself, anyway.
I know that I've matured, because I didn't even make her a mix CD for her departure this time. I know, big step.
Well, I will keep you posted for further Atlanta adventures of Eleasha as I hear them.

More to follow...

Post 700

What a better way to ring in post 700 than with this photo of me and my two favorite men, Buddha and Matt. This is my 700th post on this blog, and the start of the 2nd year anniversary month of this blog, which started in 2005.
I love this photo, and am happy that my post 700 is with this photo.

From Mom..

Here is a pic from mom...

Monday, August 06, 2007

Image of the Week

This comes to me from Chris Bloch, who took this photo while in Ireland. He said that it would surely be my dream car.
I have to tell you, it is. I would totally drive this thing around!
Where do you think I could get one?

Tomorrow Night

Totally forgot that I'm doing this, but I'm doing a benefit for Didactic Theatre Company tomorrow night at 8pm. The event is at the Clark Street Playhouse.
Here are the details from their website:


One Night Only!
Tues., August 7th @ 8pm

Stephen Gregory Smith, Margo Seibert,
Amy McWilliams & more!

Tickets - ONLY $10!

at the door via cash or check.

Clark Street Playhouse
601 S. Clark St.,
Crystal City (Arlington), VA 22202

Sunday, August 05, 2007


Well, we all made it through yesterday's marathon Open House at Signature Theatre. What a day! First of all, I woke up with several spider bites (!) YUCK! And I found the offending critter crushed and entagled in my chest hair (all 7 of them). GROSS!!!
Then my poor Buddha tried to keep me from going to the Open House by dragging his butt on the cement out in the back yard until it bled everywhere. GROSS!!!!
So I cleaned him up and put some cream on his bum. GROSS!!! Then I gathered some of my stuff up to meet Amy and Steve for the first performance of the day, Little River Turnpike's 12:30 set. I wasn't even thinking about my cabaret outfit or props at that point- I thought that I would get that stuff when I went home after the first Little River Set...

Getting out of the car with my backpack and hands full, I locked the door and shut it. I instantly froze. The key was still in the ignition, and the car was running. F*ck.

(keys in car-photo taken as I was waiting)
What now? No time to think, I raced in, got situated, and we started our first set (in the thick heat of noon thirty).
It went well, and a call was made to Triple A from my mom (who was en route with my dad to see the cabaret at 4PM). AAA was supposed to make it there by 2.
Well...They got there at 3:15. Sound check for my cabaret was at 3:30. so there was no going home. No props that I didn't already have with me. I had been standing in the exhaust filled oven of the garage for a couple of hours, and then I was running in to do a cabaret. If you saw a dazed looking man muttering songs to himself in the garage yesterday, yeah- that was me.
The cabaret went very well (although I missed my lawnchairs and pink flamingo from the first one). The house was standing room only. The house was very warm and responsive, and made it easy to perform the show.
Then I raced upstairs to Matt Conner's Master Class in Composing and sang a few of his gorgeous new songs for his new show. Then I left the class early at 6 for Sound Check for Little River's 6:30 set, which went even better than the first one.

Then it was time for a quick pizzetta from Bear Rock, a quick chat with Mom and Dad, and a change of outfit for the concert at 8:30.
The concert was great, and had many highlights...I do wanna clear a little something up, partner, Matt played his own song, "Silence" from Nevermore as Jaqui Piro Donovan and Dan Cooney sang it, and as you all know, I ADORED it, now I was next, and went up on stage, and it took a second or two for Jenny Cartney to get back to the piano and find her place in her book for my song. At this point I was SO exhausted from the events of the day, and as Jenny was finding her place, seconds passed, and I was staring at an audience with blank faces as crickets chirped in the distance. Were it 3 hours earlier, I would have come up with some witty banter to fill the void...I had nothing left by this point. I had literally "USED WHAT I GOT" all day...I blurted out the first thing that came to mind, which was how I personally was feeling...
"Are Y'all still awake?", I asked.
Apparently, this was laughed about in the "bullpen" of performers. I meant nothing ill by it, and I know that they were all laughing abot it, but truly, I meant no disdain to any of the other performers or the event itself...I just said the first thing that came to my mind. Not always the best thing to do.
Anyways, I was SO happy when it was finally over, as I was exhausted, by the all day marathon and my personal struggles throughout the day.
JOEL MARKOWITZ wrote a nice piece on the day, and thanks to him for writing the positive feedback. I am happy that so many people had a great time, and that the community of Arlington and bayond came out to support us in droves. Thanks to Signature and all of the lovely people who came to see us!
Talk to you more tomorrow.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Happy Birthday to...

Joan Crawford (actually, I missed it, it was yesterday. But I didn't really have time to post about it yesterday. Yesterday I watched "Harriet Craig" and today I am watching "Johnny Guitar" in her honor. If I didn't have the Signature Open House today, I would spend all day scrubbing my house clean in her honor, but alas, no time for that.
Happy Birthday, Joan!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Buddha likes Eleasha's breasts.

LRT rehearsal...

Well, I just got back from Little River Turnpike Rehearsal for this weekend's Open House at Signature Theatre. We ran through our set, and it went great.

Amy and I both sported clunky 80's tape recorders, because that's just how we roll...

And the next time the three of us will all be together will be in front of all of you who come out and see us this weekend.

We put lots of new songs in the set, but kept the favorites in. Come out and see us on the Plaza out front of Signature Theatre, but please bring your cowboy hats. It would be so much cooler if all of you were wearing cowboy hats. Can we get that together, guys?
So see you Saturday.
In your Cowboy hat.
Or else.