Saturday, November 29, 2008

Jacqui Piro Donovan sings "I Dreamed a Dream"

I found this on You Tube and had to throw it on here. Here is Jacqui Piro Donovan (who played my big sis in 110 in the Shade at Signature, and has been in several other shows there (Funny Girl, Witches of Eastwick, Nevermore) on tv singing "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les MIserables. Enjoy!

Word of the Day: Nabs

To all of those who, like me, questioned what are "nabs" when they read the menu at Bil(l)'s Beanery, the very useful Wikipedia has come to the rescue with this answer:


Many snack cracker products manufactured by Lance are commonly referred to as "Nabs". The term "Nabs" today is used to refer to any type of snack crackers, most commonly those made and manufactured by Lance, Inc. Many in the southeastern United States prefer the term Nabs to generically mean the specific Toastchee brand of Lance crackers. The term has its origins back to 1924 when the National Biscuit Company (Nabisco) introduced a snack, put in a 5-cent sealed packet called "Peanut Sandwich Packet". They soon added a second, "Sorbetto Sandwich Packet". These packets allowed salesmen to sell to soda fountains, road stands, milk bars, lunch rooms, news stands etc. Sales increased and in 1928 the company adopted and started to use the name NAB, which immediately won the approval of the public. This term caught on and is still widely used today.

There you go, curious readers. Mystery solved. Although I have one more unanswered menu question: If you go to the post below and look at the menu, you will see in the bottom left corner of the more hand written menu "Chicken Bake - $2.50".
What is Chicken Bake? Is that like baked chicken?
Hmmm...more to ponder...

Inflation at Bil(l)'s Beanery

Last year the prices at Bil(l)'s Beanery at the Conner Auction...

VS THIS YEAR's prices...

As we can see...

1) Ice(d) tea is gone completely.
2) Coffee holds at 60 cents, as "candy, nabs, chips and ice cream" maintain last year's prices.
3) "Pop" is up 15 cents, as is water and hot chocolate.
4) Hot dogs are up 10 cents.
5) Chili dogs, Cheese Burgers and pizza are up 25 cents.

Thank god even when these prices have gone up they are still amazing prices for what they are. But when you see this increase in prices at even Conner's Auction in Stephen's City, it is surely a sign of the economic times.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Les Miserables Preview - The Washington Post

The WASHINGTON POST has a preview article of the production of Les Miserables at Signature Theatre that I am proud to be a part of. Check it out!

Getting ahead at rehearsal.

During change over of The Lieutenant of Inishmore and Les Miserables at Signature, some of the props from Inishmore ended up backstage in actor's hands...(leave a provocative prop lying around and you can bet your life an actor will pick it up).
Pictured above is Russell Sunday, who we thought the head sort of resembled...not really, but sort of in a comatose way...

Then "comatose Russell" paid a visit to the green room.

Soon enough, "Comatose Russell" head was available for purchase on the snack bar...

...needless to say, the head soon disappeared after it appeared on the snack bar.
Ah, tech rehearsals. The things you do as you hurry up and wait.


To change up my heading banner every once in awhile, I thought I would start with this throw back to spring's "Kiss of the Spider Woman" at Signature Theatre. This photo was taken by Broadway World during curtain calls...and I am the almost unrecognizable shaved head dude all the way to the left.
Watch for the banner to change to feature other fun images of all sorts in the future!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving at the the Conner's.

We made our annual visit to the Conner's family home in Stephen's City, VA for Thanksgiving this afternoon. With us this time were Kurt Boehm and Felicia Curry. As is the custom of anytime we go there, a tour of the auction house is mandatory.
I love to pay attention to the signage in the auction house...

In case of lawsuits, I guess they warned you...

I would LOVE to catch this...

And these speak for themselves...

Felicia thought that all of the decor was charming...

Here at the Conner's Auction, commerce is easy...first you select your purchase and make a bid...

Go to see the cashier...

Turn in your number and pick up your item...

Yes, as you can see here at Conner's Auction, "Selling is so exciting".

After all of the excitement, you can go pick up a bite at Bil(l)'s Beanery. You can't beat those prices. Still, I am not sure what "nabs" are...

But don't load up on too much "pop", because lines at the restroom can get a little long...

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all from the Conner's Auction!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Back Online...

Hey there! Welcome back!! Sorry I was gone for another patch computer was without internet for awhile, plus I have been eye deep in Les Miserables rehearsal.
Much more on Les Miserables to come, ps...
What else has been happening? Candles, candles, candles of course. Tis the season for me to be back in my kitchen making all of these wonderful gifts!
So now that we are closer to starting previews of Les Miserables, I should be able to give you more updates and funny tidbits in the near future.
Right now, I am about to lay down and rest, as I am recovering from a nasty bout of food poisoning last night. *ugh*
Talk to you soon!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

December Candle Preview

December Candles are now available for pre-order at my CANDLE PAGE. They make perfect holiday gifts and help support a local artist amd artisan (namely me). Check them out HERE, and email your orders to

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

IMAGES OF THE WEEK: Halloween Party Recap

In case you are getting sick of waiting around to see the outcome tonight, I offer you a diversion. I will be putting up a few photo recaps from Halloween in the next few hours. I hope you enjoy them!

Yes, I was a "lost boy" from said 80's movie. That there is Danny Tippet as Snow White's evil Queen. Insert joke here.

Erin Driscoll and James Gardiner as Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac. Brilliance. Pure brilliance.

Fannie and Freddy putting the hurt on Matt, who is "Joe the Plumber".

Felicia Curry here as a jilted bride.

Priscilla Cuellar as Snow White and Matt (Joe the Plumber) giving her some lovin.

My "lost boy" went on a biting spree. Here with Florrie Bagel as Alice in Wonderland.

Here with Felicia Curry.

Here with Andres Luque.

Here with Katherine Denz.

Wesley Woodley and Priscilla Cuellar.

And now some set up shots...

Kurt Boehm, Matt Rowe, and Katherine Denz.

Kara Tamieka Watkins as...Tina.

Lost Boy and Tina. We don't need another hero, folks.

How do you like them apples?
Danny Tippet and Priscilla Cuellar.

Me and a bewildered Buddha.

Jenny Cartney as the infamous Nellie Lovett from Sweeney Todd.

All in all a fun and fantastic party, and I am pleased to report that ALL of my Halloween decorations were taken down and put away as of yesterday. And what an undertaking THAT was. More on my decorations in a bit!


Matty and I just got back from voting. It took us all of 4 minutes. Don't listen to all of the intimidation out there, and EVEN IF IT DOES take you an hour or two, you will feel better that you did it! Remember that the best time to go is NOW: from 11am-2pm are the slowest times at the polling places, historically - so go now so you don't have to wait later!