Saturday, October 31, 2009

TRICK OR TREAT Part 2 - Human Version

And the humans all got dressed up as well. Chris and I had a party at our place and here were some of the hysterical costumed results...

Eleasha Gamble, Craig Horness, Bligh Voth

Matthew Wojital and Bligh Voth

Gillian Shelly as Chris Sizemore and Eleasha Gamble as Battered Rihanna.

Bligh Voth as "Eggs Over Easy".

Matt Rowe and Kathryn Denz as Germans.

Matt Conner as a prisoner of Buddha.

Kara Tameika Watkins as Michael Jackson.

No Photos, Please.

Ryan Dean Halbrook and Kirsten Reigler as Plug and Socket.

Chris and Chris.

Kristen Jepperson as Donald Duck.

Tracey Stephens as Kim Jong Il.

Brandon Guilliams as Marvin the Martian.

Stephen Gregory Smith as Edward Cullen and Craig Horness as an uptight Republican lady.

Matt Gardiner, Chirs Sizemore, James Gardiner and Erin Driscoll.

Craig Horness and Erin Driscoll.

Erin Driscoll and Chris Sizemore.

Erin Driscoll and James Gardiner.

But the evening started with pumpkin carving first.

Gillian and Tracey made a kitty cat that Buddha seemed to approve of.

He even kind of looked like the kitty cat.

I carved with my usual trusty jigsaw.

Chris tried to carve Eleasha. I told him to stop being silly and use a real pumpkin.

I carved away with my jigsaw, as the gentleman behind me was hung up, awaiting being carved himself.

Speaking of which, I haven't showed you all much of my decorations this year, have I? He is my absolute favorite.

Yes, That is a giant hook poking through his head.

I was at Fred's house one night and I noticed this hanging on his wall in the basement and thought that it was terribly creepy. I asked him if I could borrow it for Halloween. He laughed and said that this was a drawing of his father from the 1920's. I quickly apologized and he laughed and said that I could absolutely borrow it. His only condition was that if anyone asked who that was in the picture, that I say, "Oh - that's Emerson. He's ready to play..."

All in all, it was a different Halloween than I have had in quite awhile. New place, new vibe. It was also the night before Buddha's surgery, so there was a little bit of anxiety involved. But all in all it was a fun night. Surely some of the most creative costumes I have seen in quite awhile. Thanks to everyone for coming! Happy Halloween!

TRICK OR TREAT - PART ONE (Canine Version)

Well, this year at Buddha's Trick or Treat at his vet, I didn't want to torture him with some crazy costume since he was already in pain, and about to come back to the vet two days later to get his teeth out, so I put his red hoodie on him, printed out a sign that said "E.T." and called it a day. Ta-Da. Recession costume. To the left is our Halloween portrait taken there at the vet.

There were many hysterical costumes on many a crazy pooch. Here are just a few of them that we caught on camera.

The ever popular "Bobbing for Biscuits". Boo walked over, took a drink from the tub, and moved on.

This owner/pet costume combo is sure something. She is dressed, clearly as a cow. Her dog is the cowboy. Get it? Wonder who wears the pants in that house.

A Greyhound Princess.

A Banana and a Pirate.

A Squirrel.

A Chicken.

Boo had a fun time and collected tons of treats and cookies. I think he was the happiest that he was to dog who looked the least ridiculous of them all.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Breaking News: Boo just got home.

I just picked the puggy wug up from the Vet. SOOOO glad he is home and that today's ordeal is over for him. He is sleeping on the couch right now, all drugged out.

An unfortunate and temporary side effect of his dental surgery is that his mouth is very dry, and his tongue is hanging out a bit on the side. I sponged it to give it moisture but it still stayed stuck out. Poor guy. I can't lie, it is kind of cute. So here are some pictures of the little one recovering and resting on his big boy couch.

My Pumpkin 2009: The Bird Poo Pumpkin