Friday, January 11, 2013

TGIF - 1/11/13

Checking in with everyone here on a Friday morning before I head out to walk dogs. This has been a rabbit hole of a week for both of us. Late last Thursday night, I started to come down with a terrible stomach bug. By Friday morning, it was serious. By Saturday, I wanted to go to the hospital.  By Sunday night, It started to let up a little.  By Monday, I felt something like a human being again. Unfortunately, Monday evening is when Matt started feeling bad.  So the rest of this week has been taking care of Matt as he battles his way out of this mess. I hope that today is the day he finally starts to feel human again. His birthday was yesterday, and what a terrible way to spend your birthday. Buddha, on the other hand, has lived for having us home so much this past week.

Auditions are coming up on Monday evening for my next project.  I am directing Thunder Knocking on the Door by Keith Glover and Keb'Mo at Creative Cauldron this coming spring. I am looking for an all African American, non union cast. Further details available here.  Please let anyone who may fit this know. I first fell in love with the show when it played at Arena Stage in 1998. I have never seen an audience have such a wonderful time in my whole life.  I still haven't.  Nothing that I have seen has set an audience on fire as much as that show.  Here's hoping that I can capture a bit of that fire for my production this spring!

Ok, that's all for now, gotta go walk the puppies, then tend bar at Dreamgirls tonight (here begins closing weekend of the amazing production).  I hope I can catch a nap in-between! 
I'll wake you all up when something exciting happens.