Friday, June 29, 2007

what else?

Well, I am blond again this summer, as I have no theatrical hair constraints to deal with, lest we forget the summer of bad hair last year( the brown long mop that was Lee Harvey Oswald in Assassins).
Oh...and have I mentioned that you still can buy tickets to see my cabaret at Signature Theatre on July 17th, 8:30PM? 20 bucks for me belting my face off. Come on, I'm a cheap date...come and see me.
I missed posting on this for awhile, but Matt, Jaqui Piro Donovan and I went to dine at a friend of ours' house, and...well, he happened to have a life size Jesus from an old church in his living room. Odd decor, but somehow it worked. Kind of.
We all took turns taking pictures with Jesus...

A fantastic dinner was then had by all...

What else?

Ummm....the fifties theme goes is a shot of my outdoor mini bench in 50's drag, along with pastel painted planters...

And then I hung my tin retro ads outdoors on my fence (I have had these for years in my basement but they were never appropriately featured)...

And here we have a lovely shot of Chlamydia the Clematis in full bloom next to Black Stone Buddha...

Ok...those are the most recent photos that I have to share. Tomorrow I will be OFF ALL DAY!!!! Meaning: Garden work, House work, general domestic bliss all played out with a killer soundtrack of b-movies and retro pop in the back ground. (Saturdays are my favorite days of the week...they are the only day I feel motivated to do housework).
I'll chat with you all tomorrow at some point...

Thursday, June 28, 2007

A few of my favorite things...

(Olivia in Grease)
Sorry I have not posted that regularly, but as you all know-I've been a bit busy.
I feel like I have so much to tell you that I don't know where to I'll pile it all into another compilation like the one below...
First of all:
Ford's Presidential Gala
Well, the Gala was fantastic, as reported the Washington Post. It featured Wynonna Judd, Jon Secada, Yolanda Adams, and my new best friend, Olivia Newton-John, who was also spotted shopping at H&M across the street from Ford's, reports Names and Faces in the Washington Post. And why do I say "my new best friend"? She could not have been sweeter, and more wonderful. She introduced herself to me (which in itself won her about 50 points in my book), and was watching Guy Paul, Heidi Blickenstaff, and myself perform our number from Meet John Doe from the wings, wishing us good luck before we went on, and wonderful job after we were done. A tip from her was not to imagine the audience naked, but to imagine them on the toilet. Well...yeah, I have to say, that really works well to calm your nerves when the President of the United States is sitting in the front row, not 5 feet from where you are standing.

(there he and she are...five feet in front of me)

Anyway, she was so sweet and lovely, and still sounded amazing as she sang "Xanadu" which made me giggle and tap my toe along back stage. I felt like I was transported back about 20 years to when I first saw the was a warm and tingly moment, I'll admit, and as corny as it sounds, as she sang the last "Now that I'm here, now that you're Xanadu", I felt like roller skating all over the city with joy. yeah. I said it. Nothing like a little vintage Olivia Newton-John to bring out the gayest feelings in all of us.

(here she is at the gala)
On the rehearsal day, I went to see 1408 on a break. It was everything that I hoped that it would be. Despite an ending that was a little iffy, the movie delivers grade A scares, and does so in a manner that is not graphic or bloody, just scary. It is a 100% adult and classy ghost story, and I highly recommend it.
I am also recently digging the jazz singer, Amy Winehouse to a very high level. She has a sound that reminds me of the Phil and Ronnie Specter "Wall of Sound" recordings. Here is her video to her newest hit, Rehab..

So that is all for now, but I'll get back to you tomorrow afternoon or evening...much more to talk about.
I'll leave you with a little Xanadu till then...

Friday, June 22, 2007

SGS land-Late June

Well, I am on the eve of the Ford's Presidential Gala weekend. The Herald Standard (Uniontown's Newspaper) did a little story on me performing in it. Cute. (Not crazy over the picture, however). It is really gonna be a cool weekend. Updates next week on that end.
My Must see movie of the...well...not weekend, as I won't have time this weekend, but maybe early next week. Tuesday? Umm...anyway, it is 1408. I just reread the short story, and cannot wait to see how it is adapted. It is truly a hair raising short story.

As for the cabaret, tickets went on sale yesterday, and will sell out soon, so I hear. This is a one night only event, and packed full of great songs, from funny and absurd ("Franklin Shepard INC" from Merrily We Roll Along to "Later" from A Little Night Music) to pop rock ("Almost Paradise" from Footloose and "Can't Take my Eyes off of You" from Jersey Boys).
Get your tickets now before they are gone. (I can't sing this more than one night!)
Dead Man's Cell Phone-Woolly Mammoth-AMAZINGLY FUNNY
MACBETH (WSC)-just for curiosity.
SOUVENIR-Sure to be a masterclass in acting with Fred Shiffman and Nancy Robinette
HAMLET-I am interested to see Jeffrey Carlson's take on the hardest role to play in theatre, and I don't care about reviews for this show; as I said, it is the HARDEST role to play in theatre. I want to see his take on the brooding prince. Plus: he's cute.
I also can announce that no, I will no longer be doing The Phantom Tollbooth at the Kennedy Center, as I had to drop the show due to conflicts with another show that I will be doing all Fall. I am now at liberty to announce what that show will be. I will be doing tick,tick...BOOM! at Metro Stage this fall.

I know that Erin Driscoll will be one of the other 2 cast members, and that Matt Gardiner from Signature will be directing/choreographing and that Steve McWilliams (Hedwig) will be music directing and playing. (ROCKING BAND IS A PROMISE!)
I think that it is weird and ironic that I saw Jonathan Larson's (the character that I am playing in tick) induction into the Library of Congress this past Fall, and that I also met his parents. Now I will be playing him. I am already rehearsing the piano score that I have to play for the show. It promises to be an amazing evening, and as always, more details to follow.
That is all from SGS land for tonight.
Sweet Dreams,

Friday, June 15, 2007

USE WHAT YOU GOT...a Cabaret featuring Stephen Gregory Smith-July 17th at Signature Theatre

I am doing a cabaret at Signature Theatre on Tuesday, July 17th. For tickets, look over at their cabaret page.
Here is the official press release for it...
With Stephen Gregory Smith
Stephen Gregory Smith goes through his songbook of past roles and favorite audition songs, exploring three character types that he is frequently called on to play: rock crooner, boy next door, and neurotic mess. This eclectic blend of songs is sure to make you laugh and keep your toes tapping at the same time.
July 17, 2007

I can tell you this much more about it...Jenny Cartney will be my pianist as well as singing some duets with me, also I'll be singing songs from past favorite roles (Jimmy in 110 in the Shade, Billy in One Red Flower, Jack in Into the Woods), and some other favorites from my audition book (Can't Take my Eyes Off of You from Jersey Boys,30/90 and See her Smile from tick,tick...BOOM!, Almost Paradise from Footloose, Later from A Little Night Music). This is all wrapped in the framework of three sections which describe the typical types of character that I usually play. I know....type casting.

It is a great song list, it is one night only, and seats are only 20$ a pop, so come on out and see me!

Thursday, June 14, 2007


A link from MSN that goes right along with the retro decor that I have been doing of late...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy Birthday, Tracy Lynn Olivera!


OK...I saw it.
I have to say that I loved it.
Watching it, I wished that I was in it, which is always a little bit bittersweet, but still, I loved it.
This is a smart show, a crowd pleaser, and pulled off with no lack of panache.
The cast is fantastic, from soup to nuts. DC to NYC.
Everyone is great.

The show is a good time all around. I really mean it. You need to see this show, I recommend it. I said repeatedly tonight that the last main stage show took us to heaven ("Saving Aimee") and this one took us to hell...somehow, I preferred the latter. It was more fun.
Go and see this now, before it moves north and is much more expensive to get a seat to.

Luv, SGS

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


(PHOTO of Marc Kudisch, Jacquelyn Piro Donovan, Christiane Noll, and Emily Skinner )
The Witches of Eastwick start their flight at Signature Theatre. Tonight is their first preview, and I am sending them good and positive energy and thoughts. My Matty is in the show, as well as many local favorites such as Erin Driscoll, Tom Simpson, Amy McWilliams, Sherri Edelen and many others.
The musical version is much closer to John Updike's book, from what I hear (meaning darker). I did LOVE the film growing up, and it is a film that I frequently watch to this very day, so I can't wait to go and see it soon.
More later when I do!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

speaking of birthdays...

...mine is exactly ONE MONTH away! I'll be turning the big 29! If you want ideas on what to get me on the cheap, here is a great source of ideas...MY AMAZON WISHLIST!!
I have requested mostly old movies on VHS so that I can watch them this summer in my ample down time in the back yard. The thing that is great about this is that they are all dirt cheap (yes-you could buy me a gift for 1 cent on my wish list (many of the videos cost less than a dollar). The downside is that shipping usually takes a few weeks, so the time to order is now. ( If you like me well enough to send me trashy videos for my birthday...if you are just a random lurker, than you can ignore this desperate and cheeky plea for gifts ).
You see, this is also research for a book that I am working on about trash cinema that I hope to work on this summer.
So...complete this white trash boy's fantasies- send me more VHS tapes of bad movies that I can watch out in the backyard!

Luv, SGS


A few hours late, again, but here we have a photo tribute to Nancy...Love you, baby.
Happy Birthday!
Luv, SGS

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Friday, June 01, 2007

strangers on a train...

(Photo by me)
Today I rode into work with my roommate, Ryan. He works at the Kennedy Center box office, and I work at Ticket Place. He has to be at work a half an hour earlier than I do, so it all works out great: I ride in with him, take the Kennedy Center shuttle to the Foggy Bottom metro, then metro to Metro Center, then walk a few blocks and I'm there. This has saved me gas money, plus is an eco friendly way to work (similar to my car pooling with Amy McWilliams during MJD).
Going home is a different matter, however, since Ryan gets off earlier than I do. So I take the Archives metro,making sure to grab a bus transfer receipt before I catch my train, and get off at the Pentagon stop. From there I catch the 22A bus, give the bus driver my bus transfer receipt and 35 cents. I get off about 2 blocks from my house and walk home.
Easy, right?
So this morning at about 8:30AM I am getting ready and see on the dresser a pile of change. I put this change there the night before to remind myself that I needed heaps of change that morning (some to add fare onto my metro card, and some for the bus). I grab a fistful and am on my way out.
Work was great.
Fast forward to the evening's commute. I get my bus transfer thingy as I am running down to Archives at 6:31, when metro's website said that their next train was coming.

Not quite true, but there you go.
The train gets there and I get on, seated across from some obvious travellers with their luggage in tow. I reach into my pocket to pull out 35 cents, knowing that the ride home is short, and I want to be prepared for the next step in the commute home. I pull out a hand full and see that it consists entirely of quarters. I check my other pockets and get the same story. No dime. All I need is a lousy dime, and have nothing but quarters. "Ok, what do I do? ", I think. I could ask someone while I am waiting for the bus if they have change for a quarter. I would hate to trouble someone like that, but what else do I do? I need exact change or I have no ride home.
Just then I overhear the travellers across from me ask a girl to their left if she knew how they could get to the Kennedy Center from the metro. The girl took out her ear buds from her Ipod long enough to shake her head and mutter "no". They looked concerned, and no one else seemed to be taking up the mantle of helpful DC metro area citizen.

I said to them, "You need to get the train to the Kennedy Center?"
"Yes, thanks so much! Our hotel is in Crystal City, but how will we get there from there?"
I showed them the way, illustrating the journey by highlighting the points of start and stop on the metro map behind them that they had not seen. I also informed them about the Kennedy Center shuttle, something I was ever so familiar with, and that if they wanted to make it in time to see their show, they had better get off at the next stop and switch lines and go straight to the Kennedy Center.
They thanked me, and also asked if there were any restaurants around the area. I informed them about the cafe at the Kennedy Center.
They were again thankful.
I thought to myself- "self-this is a great way to segway to ask them for change for my quarter...after all...wasn't all of that helpful advice worth at least 10 cents?"
I asked if they had change for a quarter, sheepishly telling them that I had no exact change for the bus, and that if they didn't have change, but still had a dime that I would give them a quarter for it.
The lady searched her purse and said, "I don't have change, but I do have a dime."
I gave her a quarter for her dime and said a very sheepish thank you.
Is sheepish even the word that I am looking for here? I don't care, forget it.
I get off the metro, and so do the travellers, heeding my advice to switch lines and get to the theatre asap. They question me once more as the train is zooming away.

"How do we get to the blue trains?"
I tell them that they have to go up one floor, and the blue line will be on their right hand side.
"Thank you so much. You know, you must be related to George.", the male traveller says to me.
"George?", I asked, not even seeing it coming.
"Bush. I say you must be related to George Bush because you're the nicest person we've met in this town!", the male traveller laughs to himself.
I must be related to George Bush, because I'm nice. Yeah, I totally see that correlation.
I laugh back and say before I part company with the travellers, "Nope, I am definitely not. Enjoy your show!"
Laughing at the whole exchange in my head, I ascended the escalator and walked to the 22A platform.
The bus pulls up, and as I go to hand the bus driver the transfer receipt and my well earned 35 cents, I see that there is a bag over where you put your fare that says "FREE RIDE TODAY".
I am a bit perplexed to this, and sit quickly in the front seat.
Talking to strangers seemed to be in fashion today, so I asked the bus driver, "Why is the bus free today?"
He says, "huh?". The tone that the "huh" was delivered in sounded like "don't talk to me."
"Why is it free?", I repeat.
"Bus is free when the air quality is Code:Orange.", he told me as if I should have known this my whole life.
Just having taken the bus for the first time last week, I still am learning the ropes.
I slump back in my seat and think about the 35 cents and the travellers. Funny how I went through all of that trouble and worry about a damn dime for a bus ride when I didn't even need one.
I knew that the bus had a stop on 34th, but wondered if there was anything closer. I asked the bus driver and he said something that sounded like yes, but I wasn't quite sure. I wasn't about to ask him to repeat whatever he grunted. He looked like he was wound tight and ready to spring.
I almost got off at the 34th stop, but thought, no, I'll see if there is a stop just a little bit closer. I pulled the stop request wire just before the intersection I was hoping to stop at.
No dice.
He didn't stop till one block past that.
oh well.
I walked the 2 1/2 blocks home and thought about how so many people commute like this daily, and even more involved in the transfer department. I am lucky I don't have to do this every single day. It is a little much for my ADD to handle.
Perhaps that is why all of the other commuters around traveller 1 and 2 chose to remain strangers on a train and not intervene. They just rode on in bored blank silence, staring at nothing in particular, or tuned the world passing by around them out by medicating themselves numb with Ipods.
Next stop, apathy.

I laugh to myself at the silliness of all of this as I walk to my front door.
Time to get some rest before I start this whole day over again tomorrow.