Friday, July 23, 2010

"Johnny and Me"

This is a video of Karissa Swanigan singing "Johnny and Me" from the musical "Night of the Living Dead" written by Matt Conner and myself. This performance was filmed during our cabaret, "Least Complicated" at Signature Theatre. Enjoy!


Thursday, July 08, 2010

Jump On!

Super Claudio Bros. is almost ready to show itself to the world on Saturday. We had our first dress rehearsal yesterday, and have another today. Tomorrow we move to the actual theatre, Saturday we open. It has been quite a whirlwind, but way worth it, and the results of every one's hard work are clear across the board. Here are some assorted photos from the dress run. Enjoy!


Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Moustached Update.

Hey all! Hope everyone is staying cool in this ridiculous 100+ degree heat! I am in my break between summer camp in the morning, and Super Claudio Bros. Rehearsal in the evening! (This photo is a candid from rehearsal the other day, with Lauren Williams and myself showing off our moustachios). The show is soooooo good, and I really hope to see you there. Details on the show are posted on one of the posts below, so check it out!
In unrelated news, I turned 32 yesterday. I celebrated by teaching camp, and rehearsing. lol.
Super Claudio opens this Saturday at Studio Theatre, so come out and see us!
I will update again very soon! xoxoxoxosgs

Friday, July 02, 2010

Hello Again...

So I have been busier than I have been in quite awhile of late. I have not had much spare time to post on here, and if you scroll below, you will see why. Below are some crass commercial announcements for my upcoming gigs. Between cabaret prep, Claudio rehearsal, Pirate Choreography, and several other dayjobs, life has been an action packed, never a down moment affair.
The picture to the left is of no significance to what I am writing, but it was taken by me in the last few weeks. It has become one of my favorite photographs that I have ever taken. It was taken in Amazonia at the National Zoo about a month ago.
So, if you scroll below, you will see some of the things that I have cooking in July. It promises to be quite a hot month, so stay tuned!


I will be singing some songs from last summer's The Boy Detective Fails at the annual Open House on July 17th at 5:15pm in the Ark Theatre. Songs from this musical, by Joe Meno and Adam Gwon are being presented in tandem with other songs by composers awarded by the American Musical Voices Project, including Matt Conner. This event is free, as always, and has always been a great deal of fun for everyone, so come on down and check it out! Full schedule of events is listed HERE at Signature's Website.


Karissa Swanigan and I will be presenting a cabaret at Signature Theatre on July 20th entitled, Least Complicated. The show is a funny look at love and relationships from grade school to present, with songs by Madonna, The Pretenders, Bruce Springsteen, Heart, Steve Winwood and many others. The cabaret will also feature Gabriel Mangiante on piano and Sean Jenness on guitar. Tickets are available at Signature Theatre's website, HERE.


The DC Fringe Festival show that I am in, Super Claudio Bros, has me very busy in rehearsal right now. (Hence the lack of posts on here). The show is hysterical, and touching, and everything that you would want a video game musical to be. Sam Ludwig and I play the two brothers in question. The show also stars Lauren Williams, Gia Mora, Matt Anderson, Chris Sizemore, Karissa Swanigan, Gillian Shelly and Harry A. Winter. We will be performing the show at Studio Theatre's Mead Theatre for the first 2 weeks, then to Warehouse Theatre for the last weekend. Full Details are available at the show's website, HERE.

How I Became a Pirate is OPEN at Imagination Stage!

The show that I spent the past month choreographing, How I Became a Pirate at Imagination Stage has opened at long last. We had a fantastic week of previews, and opening night was this past Saturday night. The reviews for the show are out and are very good. The show runs till August 15th, and is running in rep with a different pirate show. For more information, visit Imagination Stage's website.
To read some reviews, click HERE for The Washington Post, and HERE for DC Theatre Scene. Also, there is an article on the show HERE from the Gazette.