Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I will be writing a feature on DCMetroTheaterArts.com about the process from page to stage of our musical, NightoftheLivingDead as it unfolds at Kensington Arts Theater. I wrote the first post last night, as we had out first night of auditions last night. This will be a fun series to write, and I look forward to the next entry. We have one more night of open call auditions for the show tomorrow night, so hopefully we have a fantastic turn out and will soon get to meet the inhabitants of the Farmhouse! Read the article HERE. XOXOSGS

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Suspicious deaths in Park Shirlington

A possible murder/suicide has been reported in Park Shirlington, which is on my way home from Signature. I just got out of rehearsal this evening and heard about it on WTOP, and was wondering where exactly that they were talking about, when I saw people gathered on the sidewalks looking across the street.  I turned my head an saw an armada of police vehicles and knew immediately where it was. Details over HERE at ARLnow.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

naked - a cabaret

Come check out my latest cabaret this Friday at 9pm at Signature Theatre! Featuring music by The Indigo Girls, The Beatles, Amy Winehouse, Adele, The Civil Wars, Cheap Trick, and Paula Abdul.  Yes, that's right, Paula Abdul! Check us out!!!

Nathan Summerfield spotted last night in Columbus, OH

A woman spotted Nathan Summerfield, prime suspect in the murder of Lynn Jackenheimer, in Columbus, Ohio last night. A manhunt is now intensively under way in the surrounding areas. Hopefully he will be tracked down very soon.  It feels like they are very close behind him at this point. Read the article about the woman who spotted him HERE.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

NightoftheLivingDead approaches!

I am off to the first full production meeting for NightoftheLivingDead at Kensington Arts Theatre! I will get to meet the music director, and all designers will get to say what their concepts are, and I get to talk through my conceptions of what I want to do with the show. I will get to look at the space and let my imagination go wild. It is a very exciting day for me! For updates on NightoftheLivingDead the musical, visit it's facebook page and "like" it HERE .  For more information on KAT., click HERE. And as always, I will keep updates coming here. xoxoSGS

Monday, July 16, 2012

Update on Runaway Python in Fairlington

While looking for updates on this story, I found out some more scuttlebutt about our missing python here in Fairlington. Now take this for what it is worth, since it comes from the message boards of ARLnow.com.

 A commenter known as Arlington Cat says:
 Fairlington residents, There is a baby Python on the loose in Arlington. He rudely left a picnic and hasn't been seen since. The Python, who goes by the name "Happy," was Last seen in Fairlington Arbor by the tennis courts.   This type of snake can climb (slither up) a tree. It is natural for them. The snake probably high tailed it to the big oak and evergreen trees diagonal to the tennis courts, and is settling in for the rest of the summer and most of the fall.  Neighbors should have been asked to be aware of odd screaming or vocally agitated birds in that area over the next few months. The news didn’t tell us this information , and she gave false hope to her kids, acting like the snake is akin to a lost dog or cat.   The real danger comes when the weather turns cold. "
So it was definitely on the loose in my neighborhood. But the poor thing will most likely die as soon as it gets cold out. I hope that they find it, however unlikely it is.  Just the same, I'm staying clear of the trees by the tennis courts!

Family of Missing Woman believe body has been found.

UPDATED: Dare County Sheriff's Capt. Charles Nieman said Monday the body was that of Lynn Jackenheimer of Ashland, Ohio.

Lynn Jackenheimer's body may have been found on Saturday. A construction worker found a body in a bag thirty minutes from where she was last seen. While an autopsy is underway, Lynn's family believes that the body found was hers.
"I'm pretty sure that we have found my daughter," said Johnson. "Now it's about time for a manhunt for his ass."

Read more: http://www.newsnet5.com/dpp/news/local_news/oh_ashland/family-of-missing-ashland-woman-believes-body-found-in-north-carolina-is-lynn-jackenheimer#ixzz20oBqm54q
Nate Summerfield remains at large.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Python still on the loose...

HERE is the NBC4 video about the python that is somewhere loose in our neighborhood. Ay yi yi.

Final Beach Day Photos

I am home now, and am now about to jump into high gear, starting Whore House rehearsals on Monday, going into pre-production and auditions fr NightoftheLivingDead at KAT, and my upcoming cabaret, "Naked" at Signature on the 20th of July...so I have much to prepare for...but I thought I would share these last glimpses of the beach with you. I will continue posting details about all the little silly things in our silly little lives. I have missed writing on here, and this week has reminded me of that. So details to follow about the python loose in Fairlington, the missing woman in NC, all of my show stuff, and everything else we talked about this past week. Till then, friends, xoxoxoSGS

Friday, July 13, 2012


We are packing up to leave The Sleepy Dog. It is very sad to me, as I don't know how an entire week has already passed. But soon we will be back in Fairlington, and on to new adventures. I know that Boo had a good time, and is already har core crashing after a fun filled week. See you guys back in Arlington.

Search for missing woman in Salvo, NC is suspended temporarily...

Authorities here in Dare County, NC have suspended their search for Lynn Jackenheimer, who has been missing since July 4th and was last seen here in Salvo, NC. Due to poor weather conditions, they have temporarily suspended the search. Full details HERE.

Search continues for missing woman in Salvo...right outside our house.

Not too long after we woke up this morning, on our last day here before we leave this evening, the ominous dark clouds started rolling in here in Dare County. As I learned earlier, there is a woman, feared dead who was last seen here in Salvo. What I did not know is that apparently, where she was staying was a few streets away. A search party was out for most of the morning looking for her. It was very eerie to watch, knowing what they were searching for.

 I had never seen anything like that in person. The skies have cleared up here, and hopefully they will find her soon. I can't imagine how her family must feel. I will keep following this story and pass on whatever I hear.

Pug in Seafoam

Song of the Moment: Olivia Newton-John - Suspended in Time 1980

Missing woman in Salvo, NC

So THIS is why there have been so many helicopters circling around this week.  Yikes.

Pug with humans

Thursday, July 12, 2012


A beach crab making a quick get away from my big footsteps...

Last sleepy night at the Sleepy Dog...

I am the last one awake tonight at The Sleepy Dog. As we spend our last night here, I can't seem to be able to let go and let the night pass into morning.  I seem to want to squeeze every minute out of it that I can. So here I sit, typing to whoever reads this. Our last night at The Sleepy Dog seems melancholic. As every vacation must come to an end, this is a predictable entry into the log kept so far. We work so hard in our field that a week away from all of it seems like a Godsend. And while I look forward to my upcoming projects, from my cabaret on July 20th, to Whorehouse at Signature, to the Open House at Signature, to directing our musical, NightoftheLivingDead at KAT this fall, I look at these last hours through a microscope. I strain to see them closer. How is it that a week passes so quickly? Yet as human beings, don't we say these things all of the time? Doesn't it seem like every 20 minutes we are fixing breakfast at a certain age? (this comment is courtesy of Matt's family).And as we approach "re-entry" into normal life for all of us, Boo included, I look at these last few minutes before bed as a treasure as precious as gold. Every minute that passes between now and tomorrow evening at 6, when we leave, will be a treasure.
Goodnight from the Outer Banks...

Happy Birthday, Bill Cosby - Part 3 - Theo's Holiday (Part 1)

Pug on Raft

Happy Birthday, Bill Cosby - Part 2 - Picture Pages J-5

Remember Picture Pages?

Meanwhile, back in Fairlington...

Accoding to the Twittersphere (when you search #Fairlington), there is a Boa Constrictor or Python lose in our neighborhood back in VA, Fairlington. So...umm...I guess if you live there, be on the lookout for something large, slimy, and terrifying. Geez...can't wait to get home....

Happy 75th Birthday to one of TV's favorite Dads...Bill Cosby!

Stormy Weather - Part 2

After yesterday's let up in the rain, we got in plenty of pool time, and were tired out by the night.
 However, this morning I woke at 6AM to use the restroom, and decided to check the radar, since the rain was pouring down again, and it looked very ominous outside my bedroom door...
 I pulled up Weather.com and saw this "Special Weather Statement" for my area...
Issued by The National Weather Service
Newport, NC
7:34 am EDT, Thu., Jul. 12, 2012

Well, after the local weather from the night before, and being the weather geek that I am, I freaked out, woke the husband and dog and went upstairs to try to see the storm come in. I was monitoring radar, and Matt was watching the weather channel, and Buddha was just confused as to whether I was going to walk him, or give him  cookie. When he determined neither was happening, he pouted on the kitchen rug. After about 20 minutes, the storm passed, and no, no waterspouts came near us.

So I made an English muffin, apologized to Matt for being a weather worry wart as always, and we went back to bed. While the rain continued on for hours more, I am happy to show you that my current view from my bedroom door looks far more promising than it did earlier.
Ok, it's up and at 'em time! xoxoSGS