Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Shots from The Sweet Freedom

Kim had her birthday today, and we went out to the boat and had a dock party. They also just bought a smaller boat and we took that out and cruised the docks looking at boats and at the sunset. Here are the photos. Happy Birthday, Kim!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

My Example Art Projects...Kid's Play at Bailey's Elementary 2008

I teach art to K- through 2nd graders every Monday at Bailey's Elementary. Here are some of the example projects we have done. (I am not claiming these as high art, I just think they are funny! Enjoy!

Project: To make a newspaper all about you and your life. The "Stephen" Times, or The "Bligh" Bugle, or The "Peter" Post.

Project: On the back side you write and original shorty story about anything that you want.

Project: On the front you are to make a book cover for your own original short story in watercolors and markers.

Project: You are given a white sheet of paper with part of something drawn on it. You are to finish the picture in whatever you see the line creating.

Paper Bag Puppets: The Count

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Civil War

A trailer for my upcoming show, The Civil War at Ford's Theatre. Tech rehearsals are going great...to order tickets, go HERE!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Buddha right now...too cute.

Monday, March 1st Recap...Matt Conner Q&A / Jordi Parry Birthday

This past Monday, Matt spoke at the Shirlington Library of his up and coming works. It was a funny and interesting hour long Q&A session with Marcia Gardener that seemed to fly by. Matt has always been a charismatic public speaker.
Afterwards, we went out to have a birthday dessert with Jordi Parry, one of our Gavroches from Les Miz, accompanied by his parents, Robina and Paul. They had all come to the Q&A on the request of Jordi; it was one of the things that he wanted to do on his birthday. We went to Busboys and Poets and I had the cheesecake (heaven). We all had a great time and I am glad that we could help celebrate Jordi's birthday with him!

Happy Birthday again, little Mister!

March 1st Snow - A Recap...

So because I was not online for awhile, I thought I would put on some of the pictures from Sunday and Monday's storm.
Our storm totals were roughly 9 inches; more snow than we have seen here in the Washington area for several years. The snow started really coming down on Sunday night. By 11PM that night the flakes thickened and started to accumulate.

By morning of the next day, the snow had left a thick blanket over everything, and continued to fall.

My classes that I teach in Fairfax were cancelled, so I went out into the winter wonderland with my camera...

And here we are just four days later and it was 65 today.

Civil War update...

Ford's production of The Civil War's cast list released on Playbill.com. You can see it HERE.

Also, Here is a little video of the re-opening of Ford's Theatre. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Winter Storm Warning in effect from 2 PM this afternoon to 2 PM EST Monday...6 to 10 inches of snow

From Arlington Alert:

"... Winter Storm Warning in effect from 2 PM this afternoon to
2 PM EST Monday...

The National Weather Service in Sterling Virginia has issued a
Winter Storm Warning for snow... which is in effect from 2 PM this
afternoon to 2 PM EST Monday. The Winter Storm Watch is no longer
in effect.

An upper-level disturbance across the deep south will move east
today... developing a low pressure area over southern Georgia this
afternoon. This developing low pressure system will push up the
eastern Seaboard through the afternoon and evening hours... with
a tight gradient of accumulating snowfall ahead of the low.
Accumulating snows will begin to affect portions areas of north
central Virginia and southern Maryland by mid to late afternoon.

Based on the current storm track... 6 to 10 inches of snow can be
expected along the Interstate 95 corridor... upwards of a foot
will be possible along the Chesapeake Bay near and south of
Annapolis... 4 to 6 inches can be expected across the western

Gusty winds will also develop overnight Sunday into early Monday.
The low will track northeast of the area Monday... bringing an end
to the precipitation by midday Monday."