Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Seeking non equity caucasian male, 20's, high tenor (A) for World Premiere of NightoftheLivingDead the musical at Kensington Arts Theatre (www.katonline.org)
Share this to your friends who fit the bill.  Non paying gig, but still a fantastic opportunity.
Needing to see actors for the role ASAP, maybe even as soon as tomorrow evening. Spread the word! Running out of time here!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Jefferson's Derecho

Dramatic video taken from inside the Jefferson Memorial when the derecho hit on June 29th!

Tuesday Check-in...Barbies, Marvin Hamlisch, Aggie Boys, Open House, Missing Ben...

Hey everyone! Well, we are heading into tech week for Whorehouse, so my world is about to get craaaazzzzy busy. Until then, here's what I know...

-Part three of my series, Letters from the Living Dead over at DCMetroTheaterArts.com is up and available to read right HERE.

-Award winning composer, Marvin Hamlisch has died at the age of 68.  So terribly sad to hear. I had the privilege of working with him once, at the Helen Hayes Awards. I will never forget the experience. Rest in Peace, sir.  You are much more than one singular sensation.

-Here is a nice picture taken of us at the Open House this past Saturday by Weslie Woodley!

-Over HERE is a quick glimpse into the Aggie dance from Whorehouse...

And other than that, we are still looking for a Ben for NightoftheLivingDead the musical, if I haven't mentioned that.  The search for Ben continues this week, with the clock ever ticking down.  If you know of an African American male tenor with a high A, good actor, strong physicality and Non AEA, then please send him our way. Until then, I have got to get down to Miss Mona's. I will check in from the Whorehouse very soon!

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Finding Ben

I have posted my second entry in my Letters from the Living Dead series over on DCMetroTheaterArts.com - it concerns finding the lead role of our show, Ben. Go check it out over HERE!