Monday, February 02, 2009

Sick Again.

Well, just as soon as I had recovered from "The Plague", I have acquired a new treat. A coldish/fluish thing that currently has me laid up on the couch. I have not been ill so frequently in one season since childhood. Interestingly enough, Channel 4 talked about Virginia being the first state in the country to reach "widespread" flu break out levels this year.
Also, speaking of the plague, I saw this little gem of a news story this morning: Catholic University has been hit hard by "The Plague" which in actuality is the Norovirus. There are several ties to Catholic that run through Les Miserables, so I do hope that those folks stay healthy.
Everyone remember to wash your hands frequently, and take your vitamins and get plenty of rest.
Stay well,

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Stephanie said...

Sorry you're feeling oogie, sweetie.