Monday, March 30, 2009

My Example Art Projects...Kid's Play at Bailey's Elementary 2008

I teach art to K- through 2nd graders every Monday at Bailey's Elementary. Here are some of the example projects we have done. (I am not claiming these as high art, I just think they are funny! Enjoy!

Project: To make a newspaper all about you and your life. The "Stephen" Times, or The "Bligh" Bugle, or The "Peter" Post.

Project: On the back side you write and original shorty story about anything that you want.

Project: On the front you are to make a book cover for your own original short story in watercolors and markers.

Project: You are given a white sheet of paper with part of something drawn on it. You are to finish the picture in whatever you see the line creating.

Paper Bag Puppets: The Count

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Anonymous said...

I love the Pug and the Pizza Crust story. Gee, I wonder who that's about :)