Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yard Sale: Saturday at 8AM - Mark Center

Yes, shoppers - you have the chance to own crap that I don't want in my house anymore!!! Old shirts, DVD's of things you would probably never want to watch, Decor that looks like it came from some other country, CANDLES - MY GOD - SO MANY CANDLES, and...are God...ACTUAL VHS TAPES!!!
The prices are CRAZY down here at CRAZY EDDIE'S CRAZY SATURDAY YARD name isn't Eddie.
Yard Sale
Mark Center Club, Alexandria, VA
Saturday Morning 8AM-11AM
Look for a very sleepy me, who will have got up way too early for a Saturday morning and chugged 2 tall cups of coffee to wake up.
Proceeds from this yard sale will go to feed one very surly pug.
*no guilt intended*
*kind of*
*But please come and buy my stuff? Pretty please?*

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