Wednesday, September 16, 2009

RIP Mary Travers

I was always a Peter, Paul and Mary fan. Since I can remember. My parents loved them, and I inherited their shared love. All of their television specials drew me in more. Their Christmas special remains one of my favorite Christmas specials to watch.
I got to meet Mary backstage at Wolf Trap when I was there doing Street Scene in 2003, and I will never forget that. To go from being a boy watching her on my tv screen and listening to her records to a man performing a show at the same theatre as her was a truly humbling moment. I will always hear her singing in my mind, and hope that she is singing somewhere peaceful now.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story and beautiful tribute Stephen! I love the video too. Thank you for sharing!

Googla Monster said...

Stephen, This is my favorite Youtube. It's of Peter, Paul & Mary singing If I had a hammer at the 1963 Newport Folk Festival. ttp://