Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Breaking News: Boo just got home.

I just picked the puggy wug up from the Vet. SOOOO glad he is home and that today's ordeal is over for him. He is sleeping on the couch right now, all drugged out.

An unfortunate and temporary side effect of his dental surgery is that his mouth is very dry, and his tongue is hanging out a bit on the side. I sponged it to give it moisture but it still stayed stuck out. Poor guy. I can't lie, it is kind of cute. So here are some pictures of the little one recovering and resting on his big boy couch.


Anonymous said...

I hope that little Buddha recovers fast, Stephen. Saw you in Adding Machine this weekend & you were fantastic!

Leesa Munger said...

After watching Biggest Loser and crying like an infant, I came across your blog about Buddha and it made me cry some more. My son had some medical issues this month so I know how you feel. Its like you have no control and you want to take the pain for them. Thats what being a parent is though. Take care of that cute little dog!