Thursday, November 12, 2009

Buddha Versus Tucker - Round One

James and Erin's new puppy, Tucker Bean came over to have a play date with the recently recovered Buddha Bear. I had my camera at the ready, anticipating a tidal wave of cute to hit the apartment. And it indeed did.

Tucker is a Shicon (sheesh-on) puppy (all you need to know about them can be found HERE). Here is a closer look at the little stinker.

They hit it off immediately, and Buddha (who plays with puppies better than adult dogs) had the best time. We all watched as the two of them tore around the apartment like crazy.

Here are all of the pictures from the evening:

Bay of Pugs Stand Off...

Concerned Uncle catches Nephew smoking a cigarette...

And finally, what I like to call, "They came from planet X..."

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