Saturday, December 19, 2009


As most of you are painfully aware, there is a very strong winter storm sweeping the East coast, and I am stuck right in the middle of it. All performances of Swinging Santas and Show Boat are cancelled today, and I am sitting in my apartment with Matt, Fred, Gillian and Chris. (And Buddha, of course). The snow is pounding down, and we are in a Blizzard Warning. We took Boo out for a walk, and he was NOT having it. He whimpered as he dissapeared into drifts much taller than him. We just put on Albert Finney's Scrooge the Musical. So we are in for a little bit as the Blizzard continues. We will venture out and take more photos a bit later. I hope wherever you are you are safe and cozy somewhere!

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Mike Licht said...

Where's your Global Warming now, Mr. Gore?