Sunday, August 29, 2010


Wow. This has been an incredibly hectic Summer! Singing in 4 different cabarets, Performing in a Fringe Festival show, teaching camp for 12 weeks, bar tending at Signature, and writing a show! Wow!
No wonder the blog posts just sort of evaporated on here. Now that most of that is done, things are returning to somewhat normalcy. I have many pictures to share with you, and we have much to talk about. For now, my next performance will be at the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage, singing a few songs from The Boy Detective Fails on Labor Day. After that, the next thing definitely on the books is a reading of me and Matt Conner's new musical, Night of the Living Dead on Monday, October 18th at Kensington Arts Theatre. I start rehearsals for Sunset Boulevard on November 8th at Signature Theatre, and am incredibly excited to be a part of all of these amazing projects.
Everything else is fine, Buddha is as funny as ever, and is doing well. (As you can see from the picture above).
So more posts will be put up here this week. Summer is almost over, and the blog is back!

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