Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hump Day Check In

Hello all...

Well, Sunset Boulevard has closed, and as is always the case, a bit of melancholy has filtered in as a result.

It was a fantastic run, and a wonderful production. I truly feel blessed to have been part of such a talented family of people. Now, it's back to 25 different jobs...oy.

I have returned to teaching 2 days a week in Fairfax County Schools, I am back at Ticketplace one or two days a week, I am doing some data entry for my friend Kim's company, Happy Hounds LLC, and am also back bar tending at Signature.

I have an exciting audition in one week for a major production at a major DC theatre that would run this Spring if I got it. Please send positive vibes. This would make my life sooooo much easier this Spring.

I also will be in a children's theatre production of Oscar Wilde's "The Selfish Giant" at ArtSpace Falls Church in March/April. But unless that other show works out, the next time I am back on a stage after April will be in August. That project has not been announced yet, so I can't put it out there just yet, but I expect it will be announced very soon, and boy am I excited about it! Details to follow...

Let's see...what else?

Buddha laying in bed is my new banner up top, because he is the cutest thing on the face of the planet and I couldn't help myself. So there.
Book of the Moment:
I have been reading a book by Thomas DeBaggio called "When It Gets Dark" and thoroughly enjoying it's beauty. DeBaggio himself is dead now, but before he died, he chronicled his life after being diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's Disease. DeBaggio also lived in Arlington, in a house that it turns out I walked past everyday when I worked for Happy Hounds as a dog walker. His remembrances of Arlington past are quite detailed and very interesting. This book is an eye opening glimpse into the mind of one grappling with a vicious disease, and seeking to document the beauty of all things in his life while he can still remember them. I highly recommend it.
Song of the Moment:
Erykah Badu's "Turn Me Away (Get Munny)" is currently playing in repeat in my head...
And that's about it for this Hump Day Check In. Hopefully life will get a little more exciting very soon. Take care of yourselves.

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