Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tornadoes in Western PA

Yesterday several tornadoes touched down in Western, PA according to the National Weather Service in Pittsburgh, PA. While there have been tornadoes in Western PA before, it is not a common event. I was watching the coverage on tv yesterday, and when the classic "hook" echo popped up on the radar, I knew that WEPA was in for some bad weather. Pictured is a photo of the tornado in Hempfield.

Here are photos of the Greensburgh tornado, first as a funnel cloud, then as a fully developed tornado, crossing the road in the middle of rush hour.

Featured in the link is a video that is going viral, featuring a Western PA teen filming the formation of the tornado. Why is it going viral? Several factors at play here...1) The WEPA accent is a thing of horrid beauty, especially his repeated exclamations of "Oh My GAWWD". 2) His waaay over the top reaction at the end of the video when the funnel touched he yells "TOUCHDOWN", you might be tempted to think that a Steelers game is on. 3) His phone conversation with his Mom as he is filming, where he lies and says that he is going inside, then describes the small funnel as HUGE, and when he sees a leaf blow by, telling of "things being ripped apart!". Enjoy the over enthusiasm HERE.

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