Thursday, April 28, 2011

Super Outbreak 2 - wrap up.

(Photo right: Stafford, VA)

Not since the 1974 Super Outbreak have we seen such a violent tornadic outbreak in the US. In the past several days, over 160 tornadoes have touched down in multiple states in the Southeast, killing as many as 249 known people. Many are still missing or unaccounted for. It is a rarity to have such an outbreak in the DMV region, though we have had strong tornadoes in the past. Nine years ago today, an F4 tornado ravaged Charles County, and La Plata, MD in particular. But to have this many funnel clouds and Doppler indicated tornadoes, as well as spotted tornadoes on the ground is very much out of the ordinary.

The South also suffered horrific damage, including a horrific F5 tornado that hit Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, Alabama. The Capital Weather Gang wrote a good summary piece about how this outbreak happened, and in their post, you can watch incredible footage of live news coverage from downtown Tuscaloosa as the monster storm approaches. Click HERE to read the article and see the video. And to step back and really look at the big picture on a human scale, you should look at this link of photos from the devastation. Click HERE. The photos bring tears to my eyes.

Below are several photos that I have found of tornadoes throughout the DMV region from yesterday. After this week's devastating and too close for comfort storms, my hope is that everyone develops a tornado plan for themselves and their family, in case you have not already done so. After 249 deaths, 8 of which occurred in Virginia, I really hope you do. Stay aware and stay safe.





You can follow your local DMV weather at my links to the side,, Capital Weather Gang, or WTOP News. Tornado season is just beginning. Have a plan of action for you and your family.


UPDATE: The death toll has risen to 272 and counting. This now ranks as the 2nd deadliest outbreak in the past 50 years.

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