Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Brother Russia!

Hey there, blog! It's been awhile! I have not had much time to put anything on here this year so far, as it has been a BUSY year! I went right from Hairspray into Brother Russia at Signature Theatre and have not had time to come up for air until recently. I expect that when the show closes (April 16th) that you will hear more from me on this blog. Much to share and talk about, including the fact that Matt and I have moved back to Fairlington into a lovely townhouse that we are in love with! Buddha is also in love with his new palace, and we all enjoy being back in the "neighborhood".
If you have not seen Brother Russia yet, come and check us out. I play an actor in this traveling troupe named Sergei, but Sergei plays "Prince Felix Yusupov" in the story of Rasputin - and Prince Felix was ever so interesting in real life. Was known to sometimes wear women's clothing, and was reportedly not the nicest person you'd want to meet. Here is a portrait of Prince Felix:

We should have had Buddha make a cameo in the show. And then below this is a photo of myself as Prince Felix. He is quite fun, even if his choice of footwear can be taxing. I do enjoy the costume -the coat is amazing, as is the hat. So do drop by and visit Felix and his friends at The Winter Palace. We will be rocking it out Russian style till April 16th!

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