Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Life got in the way.

Hey readers! (all 3 of you, inexplicably from Ecuador) I know, I know, I know. I mean...I KNOW.  I never write on here anymore. I get it. I want to, know...Buddha suddenly hits my leg and demands luvins, and I can't focus. Or the phone will ring, and suddenly I am engaged in a conversation about the latest howling puppy video I saw on facebook (the eater of time, the eater of worlds). Or I am engrossed in a movie that I am streaming from my Roku player on Netflix, called Sightseers that is REAL depressing. I could write on here and tell you about it, but...I tweet. And to tweet is easy. I do it on my couch all day long. Tweet, tweet, tweet. But there was a time when I really liked doing this, and wasn't distracted by all of the five million things that distract me in 2014. I am ADD as it is, and this modern technotweety world isn't helping.

And then there is the fact that I am writing other things...things that want to be musicals. They are trying really hard to exist.  And it's almost like my brain thinks that it has an allotted number of words, and I better not waste any here. Which is ridiculous. Contrary to Pat Sajak, you don't really have to "buy" a vowel, they are one of the only things still free.

I also started this place in a pre-facebook, pre-twitter world. This was one of the only cool things that I ever used to do on the internet. And I loved it for the connection to all of you. But somewhere about five years into this block, something changed in the world, and no one left comments on anything anymore. You could argue that it was the content that caused people to refrain, and you might be right. It could be that this blog became a crass commercial announcements page about all of my upcoming shows.  I know it did, actually.  The thing is, it's hard to not talk about your shows, when your shows are some of the only things that you do.

But no, I am not going to take this little piece of cyberspace off of life support. I'm too stubborn for that. I'm gonna grab it by the balls and shake it up a bit. I will be changing my links on the right, because some of them don't even exist anymore. I will be adding new ones that make me happy. Will I get better at writing on here? Yes. Will I do it everyday?  No. But I will do my best to write when something strikes me funny, floats my boat, or tickles my fancy. I will do my best to come here before I run to that cheap and tawdry floozy, Twitter. I will come here first.  Because here was first. Yes, I promise to hold in my tweets.  I will hold in my tweets.

So welcome back, to those who've been before, welcome to those who have not, thanks for the solid support, Ecuador. Love you.  Mean it.



Johnny Vector said...

Post more about finches and tortoises!


See, cause the Galapagos are part of… Oh never mind. Just glad to read more of your writing. Also, more musicals please!


(Hmm, wonder if Google will use my real name or my old screen name. Let's find out!)

Donna Migliaccio said...

I totally hear you on the time issue and the competing social media. But I'm glad you're back - I missed your blog.

Robin said...

I like reading your blog and all the backstage stuff about the shows you're in - it's a different take than Facebook, more detailed (because of the space allowed). So three cheers for your plan to write here more!


Thanks for your support, everyone! I will do my best to keep at it when I can! xoxoxoSGS

Cyndy Smith said...

Can't wait to read more. I missed your blog!

Googla Monster said...

So glad to see you writing again. Can you make the print larger? All the better to read you with, my dear.

Unknown said...

I suspect our generation as a whole is going through this. I'm on Livejournal, still, and no one posts anymore, and I'm part of that "no one". Real life, as opposed to college, probably strikes so many of us as too boring to bother talking about, and the internet is no longer new, and Twitter is easy and a big chunk of my friends are there. But it's sad, and I'm trying to post more, too.

Jess (Mme Bahorel) - blogspot has a tendency to post me as anonymous even with Open ID, so let's see what happens with a Google account!