Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Joly and Marie - Les Miserables

Photos are of me and Wesley Woodley as Joly and Marie. In the show we are husband and wife of one year. I love this woman and each night on stage with her is a privilege, as with the rest of the amazing cast. I look forward to every night in Paris.


cheryl said...

Caught the show last night. You guys all did a remarkable job!

Robin said...

Great pictures!!
I'll have to read the part of Les Miz about Joly and Marie - I've just skipped around in the book a bit so far, mostly reading the Gavroche parts to Jordi.

I'll have to send a camera backstage with Jordi - didn't occur to me that we could get pictures in costume that way.
We're tremendously looking forward to the show tonight!