Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I watched the film, Avatar for the first time, and found it utterly amazing. The creativity flowing through this film was awe inspiring, and the thought that this ENTIRE WORLD was created in someone's head was truly breath taking.
The metaphors in the film are so very right beneath the surface, and you can feel them from the onset. This is an alien movie in which you root for the aliens instead of your own race. One part Pocahontas, one part Dances with Wolves, and one part Jurassic Park, this film delivers on so many levels, and features the always amazing Sigourney Weaver.
If you are one of the few who have avoided the film or not seen it because blue people turn you off, I strongly recommend that you reconsider. It is an amazing film that I did not want to like, but have ended up LOVING.

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Brandon said...

It is a good picture light on plot but it doesn't seems to matter. The movie does keep moving so you don't feel like it is dragging. Though I have heard it referred to as "Ferngully 2".