Friday, April 23, 2010


Hey all - WHEW! Busy day - had a callback for a straight play at a very cool and hip downtown theatre this morning, and it went very well. Then went and recorded 6 songs for a composer friend, then went to the gym, then went to do Many Moons at Falls Church Art Space. Very long day.

To the left is a picture of Sean with his dogs, Lady and Albert, along with Buddha. He has been back in the area of late, as Phantom is now in Baltimore. It has been nice as always to see him and spend time with him, and I miss him so very much.

Buddha misses the dogs, and that much is certain. Albert and he go WAY back and Lady is pretty much his new girl.
In other news, this is the last weekend of Many Moons at Falls Church Art Space. We have 2 shows tomorrow - at 2pm and 7:30pm, and 2 shows on Sunday - at 2pm and 4pm. Please come and see this adorable show. It only runs about 35 minutes, and tickets are a mere $10.
Visit for details.
After this show closes, the next time you will be able to catch me onstage is in a DC Fringe Festival show entitle Claudio World. The premise is a video game musical that mirrors Super Mario Brothers, and I am the Mario, Sam Ludwig is the Luigi, and Lauren Williams is the Princess. This is a multimedia piece, and the script is hysterical. More details will follow as they become available to me. Also forthcoming are photos from the Parade reading and rehearsals.
I hope you all have a great weekend, and I will chat with you soon!

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