Friday, May 28, 2010

Cell 3:The Death of Goodship Greenie Part 2

As many of you have read in the previous post, Cell 3 - The Death of Goodship Greenie, this is day 2 of my captainship of the rescue ship(phone), HMS Candy Apple.

This is a shoddy vessel(phone) at best. The whole thing feels like it is about to come apart in your hand, and I don't know how long she'll hold. I have been searching the horizon(Internet) for a rescue ship(new phone), can see none in sight that I feel up to commandeering. The choices on these shiny new vessels(phones) are far too much for this humble Captain's mind to wrap around.

Meanwhile, aboard the wanton hussy of a rescue (phone)vessel HMS Candy Apple, rations are running low, several of my contacts have scurvy, and it is really really hard to text.

I have considered many options of new vessels(phones), but cannot come to a decision, and need to before the cracks in the Candy Apple start getting bigger, which looks to be soon what with the rough waters I am navigating. Hope is holding out that we will see a ship soon, and that she will have more than enough room for all of my crew(contacts).

I sail this shoddy vessel into this holiday weekend in hopes that it can make it till next week. She has to make it to next week. There is no other choice.

I will write more when I know more, and not a bit more till then.

Stephen Gregory Smith
Captain of the HMS Candy Apple

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