Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gillian Luau

Our dear friend and neighbor, Gillian Shelly recently had a birthday. To celebrate, we decided to throw a "Luau" at our place. Several items were purchased from Party City, and then we were in business.
Chris laid out Beach towels all over everything.
I put "Scene Setter" backdrops on the walls and windows. We inflated several small flamingos and monkeys, and one inflatable palm tree.
The place looked like a ticky-tacky Polynesian paradise. I was in love.
I made a sign that became the poster of the event.
I found a picture of Gillian from a show that she did and picked a catchy slogan.
Sure, it sounds harsh, but I knew that she would appreciate the grim sound of it, Gillian being just as big of a horror movie junkie as I.

Here she is, Gillian tribal warlord goddess, posing for her birthday photo.

And then we started to limbo. Yes. Limbo. I put "Limbo Rock" on and we all took turns - even Buddha.

I particularly love this shot. Karissa basically hinging totally in half while Buddha sits there and almost looks like he is laughing. Too cute.
It was a fantastic time, and I don't think I am going to take the decorations down all summer. They are too much fun. I wake up every morning to inflatable animals and trees and a fake Polynesian skyline. What could be better?
Aloha, Jill.

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