Monday, September 20, 2010

Night of the Living Dead the Musical

We finally reached our goal on We are over the moon in so many ways. Any further donations will only go to increase the life of this show after death' so please open your pockets and give if you can. The fundraising page closes on October 7th at 5pm.
So tonight I performed a song from NOTLD with Dani Danger Stoller called "What You Say". It was met with a tremendous response, and the video will be forthcoming.
Tomorrow I will be doing a photo shoot with Karissa all dolled up as Barbara in a graveyard. This graveyard happens to be where my Nana is buried, and I have not gone there since she was interred in 1993. It turns out the cemetery is around the corner from Creative Cauldron. And it also happens that it is the closest one to me. See. There is Nana pulling me closer, wanting me to come and see her.
So I will go.
Tomorrow I drive "Barbara" to the cemetery. Photos to follow.
Thanks so much for giving this project it's wings!
Donations page is here -
Thank you all for your support. A VERY SPECIAL edition of this blog will come out tomorrow night after we return from the cemetery.

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