Friday, November 26, 2010


I had the pleasure of seeing several amazing shows at the theatre recently, and wanted to take the time to recommend them to you in case you have not yet had the pleasure of seeing them.

1.) Walter Cronkite is Dead at Signature Theatre.

With amazing performances by Sherri L. Edelen and Nancy Robinette, this piece kicks in from the first flight delay announcement, and takes off from there. Written and directed by Joe Calarco, this play concerns two women stuck at Reagan National Airport due to weather conditions. These women are from two very different walks of life and have totally different belief structures, yet make touching connections in their time spent together at a table at the airport. The play goes to so many different and fascinating places, and makes you think about the people that make up the "blue states" or "red states" as just what they are...people. If only such meetings like the one between Patty and Margaret would happen on a grander nationwide scale, we might all become more of a shade of purple. Wouldn't that be amazing? Don't miss this show, running until December 26th at Signature Theatre. Visit HERE for details.

2) The Odd Couple at Theatre J.

This hysterical revival of the Neil Simon play only runs another 3 performances (Saturday evening, 2 shows on Sunday) and if you have not seen it, do yourself a favor and go! Starring a top notch cast of character actors headlined by Rick Foucheux and J. Fred Shiffman, you will not stop laughing from the first poker game forward.

But to say that The Odd Couple is funny is not a piece of breaking news, what is interesting about seeing this play, besides the uproarious humor, is the fine technique of the actors on the stage. Each of these characters were finely nuanced and layered. I felt like I knew each one of them within a few lines of dialogue, which only highlights the skill of this talented cast. Go, get there now. 3 more shows left! GO!

For info, click HERE.

3) Oklahoma! at Arena Stage.
I had the pleasure of seeing Arena Stage's production of Oklahoma! a week or so ago, and it has been on my mind much of the time since. With knockout choreography by Parker Esse, a fantastic ensemble who dance their legs off, and a core of fantastic leading characters, it was truly a great night in the theatre.
As everyone in the world knows by now, Eleasha Gamble stepped into the role of Laurey just days before the opening of the show. Her work in this show is the best work she has ever done. And believe me, I've seen her in EVERYTHING. She is a spit fire of a Laurey, and has (as we also all know) the voice of an angel. She is matched perfectly by Nicholas Rodriguez as Curly, and E. Faye Butler as Aunt Eller. These three find levels to their characters that are so grounded in reality that the pay off is huge. By the end, you would riot of they didn't have a happy ending. Nehal Joshi as Ali Hakim made things funny in the script that I have never even thought of as funny lines. That, my friends, is skill. Everyone is truly fantastic. The show has extended to December 30th, so hop on your horse and ride on down to Arena's new space and see for yourself! You won't regret it!
For info, visit HERE.
Support live theatre, folks! Now is the time to do so more than ever!

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