Friday, December 03, 2010

Conner and Smith in the News!

Matt and I are featured in an article by Kris Coronado that appears in the Washington City Paper this week. The article is about NightoftheLivingDead the musical, and the long process of writing it, and the actual reading of it at Kensington Arts Theatre this past October.
We could not be happier with the piece, and cannot thank all of our supporters enough. The article can be found HERE.
And in further Matt Conner news, his CD, WINTER was reviewed by Metro Weekly, placing it one star behind Annie Lennox, but 2 above Mariah Carey...yes, that's right...Annie Lennox= 5 stars, Matt Conner= 4 stars, Mariah Carey= 2 stars. Not bad placement for a first CD at all. The review is located HERE.
Check these out, and thanks so much for your continued support of both of us!!

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