Saturday, December 10, 2011


After a two year hiatus, I have decided to come out of retirement and make two rounds of holiday candles this year. Part of this is because I haven't made them in such a long time that I had an itch to make them again, and had a design in mind that came to me a month ago that was unlike any that I had ever done. The other part was for some additional Christmas income, which everyone needs, but especially actors!
These color families are the traditional red and green, and a more winter/ Hanukkah inspired purple and blue and white. The red and green are scented with Douglass fir and Macintosh apple. The purple are scented with fireplace, winter night, and winter berries. I can ship these if you will include an extra $6 (for local shipping), for distances greater, contact me and I will figure the postage out. The sooner you place orders, the quicker you will receive them, so email me at and I will get your order to you as soon as possible. These make fantastic and unique gifts, and by purchasing from me, you are supporting a local artist!

Pricing is as follows:

Extra Large Pillar= $25

Large Pillar=$20

Star Pillar=$15

Oval Pillar= $12

Medium Pillar= $12

Sphere= $8

Thank you for choosing to order my handmade candles for your holiday gifts! xoxoSGS

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