Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 - My Ipod's top 10

Well, here is probably one of the most random and nerdy top ten songs possible. I got this list by going to my Itunes and clicking on the "most played" option....and here are my ten most listened to songs in 2012. The only place I really listen to my ipod is while I am showering, which makes this list even more embarrassing.  If you ever needed confirmation that I am gay, here it is...

10.) Night and Day - Fred Astaire - Yes, the Cole Porter classic that closed the Cole Porter review that I wrote this past fall. I have always been obsessed with Fred Astaire, and this orchestration of the song is one of the sexiest that I have heard. My favorite moment that I made sure we recreated in our version at Creative Cauldron is when Fred sings, "In the roaring traffic's boom - " - and then there is one bass drum hit and silence, until he comes back with the next lyric totally acapella.  That is what I call sexy.

9.) Rob Me Blind - Jay Brannan - Gay singer/songwriter, Jay Brannan released a new album this year, and this is the title track off of it. The orchestration of this song is haunting, and the video that Jay released is even more effective, concerning a fantasy in one's head constructed after a random glance in an elevator. We have seen Jay perform live twice now, and have fallen in love with his music and lyrics.

8.) Tear in Your Hand - Tori Amos - Yes, a 90's throwback, and not the last one on this top 10 list. One of my favorite songs off of Tori's classic debut album. It's all about the lyrics here. Tori paints some incredibly evocative pictures with her words.  This song features one of my favorite Tori lyrics - "I'm cutting my hands up every time I touch you.". I mean....come on...

7.) Blue Gardenia - Dinah Washington - My absolute favorite Dinah Washington song, and one of my favorite songs, period. Not only are Dinah's vocals as sterling as ever, but the analogy of this song's lyrics is haunting. This woman's narrative compares herself to a corsage made of blue gardenias that has been tossed aside after a night out. "I lived for an hour...what more can I tell? Love bloomed like a flower, then the petals fell..."

6.) Original Sin - Taylor Dayne - Maybe one of the more embarrassing entries in my top ten. It hails from 1994's soundtrack to The Shadow, this song is terrible, tick-tacky, and I love every cheesy second of it.  I have no idea why.  The lyrics are terrible. The orchestrations are terrible. And I can't get enough of it. Thank you for this turd, Taylor Dayne.

5.) Snow - Matt Conner - One of the most gorgeous instrumental pieces that I have ever heard.  This is from Matt's first album, Winter.  Right after the album was released, I went home to Pennsylvania, and as it began to snow, put the song on and shot this video. Watching the birds and the snow are always  the images I see in my head when I hear this song. Breathtaking.

4.) Rumor Has It - Adele - When we look back on the past 2 years, Adele has dominated the charts with her modern classic album, 21.  This album will enter into the best albums of all time. This track happened to be the most played from the past year.

3.) Paper Bag - Fiona Apple - A throwback from 99/2000, this amazing song centers on a woman who knows "she is a mess that he doesn't want to clean up...". In any Fiona Apple song, lyrics are the main star, and this song is no exception. "I've got to fold cause these arms are too shaky to hold, hunger hurts, but starving works; when it costs too much to love." And watch the brilliant video, also one of my favorite music videos.

2.) All Over the World - Xanadu Original Broadway Cast - Yes, perhaps one of the gayer entries on my list...;.and how embarrassing that it is number 2. Yes, I may sing this in the shower.  Yes, I may dance as well. Yes, it is all Matt Gardiner and Signature Theatre's fault for staging a brilliant production of the show and making me obsessed.

1.) I'm Addicted - Madonna - Hailing from her latest album, MDNA, the sentiment of this minor key dance song is nothing new.  Robert Palmer explored the same idea in the 80's with girls in black dresses and their hair pulled back. The idea of being addicted to one's love has been around.  But, I don't go to Madonna's songs for lyrics.  I go to her songs to dance. This was one of the most exciting tracks off of her latest album, and clearly the one that I wanted to jam out to in the shower the most.

SO there is my very gay shower playlist. You can die happy now that you know that information. Happy New Year!!!

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