Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Rolling Along!

Well...that last post sounded pretty bleak, didn't it? That's the thing about taking care of an ailing pet.  It can drag you down to the deepest depths if you let it. Or you can make a choice to keep fighting and help your fur baby do the same.  And so we have.
Boo started training more in his wheelchair, and after some valiant attempts, we discovered that he needed a four wheel chair instead of two.  He simply lacked the core strength to hold himself up.  We fell into despair for a few days, unable to figure out how to proceed.  We checked the pries of a four wheel chair for dogs, and we clearly couldn't afford one. So, we went to Home Depot and brainstormed together. We bought several pieces, and then brought them to our friend Andrew Fox at Signature Theatre.  He was able to weld on two more wheels for the chair.

I can't ever thank Andrew enough. We brought the chair home and the first day he tried it out, he took eight steps.  The second day, around 15 steps.  On the third day, a miracle happened.  We discovered a female pitbull living around the corner from us, also in a wheelchair. I saw them coming down the street and ran to get Boo and his cart. Needless to say, after seeing another dog in a wheelchair, he understood that this was a thing.  Not just some elaborate torture device.  He took over eighty steps that day.
Soon after, a further miracle happened.  We met yet another dog in a wheelchair.  A dachshund mix named Higgins. We organized a wheelchair dog meetup and the three of them OWNED the sidewalks in Fairlington! Buddha continues to train in his chair every day. He can now walk in his chair without the inspiration of his two buddies. The three of them meet up when schedule allows, but Boo has made it clear that if I fight with him, he will fight as hard as he can.  He is doing as well as he possibly can, and I think this little guy still has some fight in him left. Especially if there is a fine looking black pittbull in a wheelchair walking ten steps ahead.

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Lani Novak said...

XO to you valient warriors. Lani