Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Candles By Stephen News - New Options Available!

I have some more news from CANDLES BY STEPHEN. I am now offering two other candle options available for sale immediately. One is the wax tart, an option for those who aren't really candle burners but have a candle warmer to enjoy the scents of a lighted candle. The other option is a floating candle.
These candles are perfect centerpieces in a bowl of water or in an outside pond.
Pricing is the same:
2 Tarts or Floating Candles = $3.50
3 Tarts or Floating Candles = $4.00
6 Tarts or Floating Candles = $8.00

The sizes for both are about the size of a Reese's Cup (a Regular one, not miniature). But the Scent is really packed into the Tarts, and the Floating Candles, well...float!
Subscribers also have the option to switch votives for tarts or floating candles upon request at any time even if just for one certain month!

Also in "CBS" News, As I stated in my first posting on the CBS blog, Custom Orders and Designs are available upon request. I wanted to share such a Custom Order with you as an example of what I can do for your special occasions.
I was asked to make an order of 100 votives and 4 Star Pillars for a special event. The theme of the event was a Beach theme.
I bandied this thought about and then a thought came to my mind. I took a photo while at the beach this past January, and it sprung to mind.

So I crafted a candle that represented that picture, tried to match it for color, and created a little wax snapshot of the beach that everyone who attends the event can take home with them.

I then made them all, keeping the original design as a road map for the rest.

So whatever your large group function, either Bat Mitzvah, Bar Mitzvah, Wedding, Banquet, Opening Night, etc., use Candles By Stephen and support local arts through your order.
Visit www.candlesbystephen.blogspot.com

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Brandon said...

It does remind me of the beach, good job.