Saturday, November 29, 2008

Inflation at Bil(l)'s Beanery

Last year the prices at Bil(l)'s Beanery at the Conner Auction...

VS THIS YEAR's prices...

As we can see...

1) Ice(d) tea is gone completely.
2) Coffee holds at 60 cents, as "candy, nabs, chips and ice cream" maintain last year's prices.
3) "Pop" is up 15 cents, as is water and hot chocolate.
4) Hot dogs are up 10 cents.
5) Chili dogs, Cheese Burgers and pizza are up 25 cents.

Thank god even when these prices have gone up they are still amazing prices for what they are. But when you see this increase in prices at even Conner's Auction in Stephen's City, it is surely a sign of the economic times.


Anonymous said...

But what is a "nab"? We rely on you for research into this matter.



Ahhh, Julianna - please see post above!