Saturday, November 29, 2008

Word of the Day: Nabs

To all of those who, like me, questioned what are "nabs" when they read the menu at Bil(l)'s Beanery, the very useful Wikipedia has come to the rescue with this answer:


Many snack cracker products manufactured by Lance are commonly referred to as "Nabs". The term "Nabs" today is used to refer to any type of snack crackers, most commonly those made and manufactured by Lance, Inc. Many in the southeastern United States prefer the term Nabs to generically mean the specific Toastchee brand of Lance crackers. The term has its origins back to 1924 when the National Biscuit Company (Nabisco) introduced a snack, put in a 5-cent sealed packet called "Peanut Sandwich Packet". They soon added a second, "Sorbetto Sandwich Packet". These packets allowed salesmen to sell to soda fountains, road stands, milk bars, lunch rooms, news stands etc. Sales increased and in 1928 the company adopted and started to use the name NAB, which immediately won the approval of the public. This term caught on and is still widely used today.

There you go, curious readers. Mystery solved. Although I have one more unanswered menu question: If you go to the post below and look at the menu, you will see in the bottom left corner of the more hand written menu "Chicken Bake - $2.50".
What is Chicken Bake? Is that like baked chicken?
Hmmm...more to ponder...

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