Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stormy Weather...

So yesterday at 3ish started a downpour of rain that only really let up about 10 minutes ago. It let up for a little bit this morning at about 9am, and we took advantage in the break in rain and took Buddha to the beach. The sea water has amazing effects on his skin.  He has terrible grass pollen allergies that give him itchies through the spring and summer, and every year that he comes to the beach, they all magically clear up. So his beach time is more than fun and games, but also a beauty spa. :)
 The clouds were looking angry, and I knew, thanks to the trusty radar on my phone, that we didn't have too long before the rains were back. The storms from the night before were apparently more violent north of us.  But still too close for comfort. I woke up and read this article about several funnels, waterspouts, and tornadoes in the area last more HERE.
 After Buddha had his ocean dip, we headed back to The Sleepy Dog. (Fittingly, the name of the place we are staying at.) He has had such a fun trip, and whether in the ocean, or the pool, he has been so happy. All of the undivided attention that he is receiving is fantastic. It is spoiling him for all of the time coming up that he will be at home alone in his baby bed as Matt and I are at Whorehouse rehearsals.

As we left, we took note of our footsteps together that our little family left behind. Images like this are things that I will treasure always.
 These are the little pictures of our family of three that will remain our legacy for years to come. We will always look back on these and smile. And as I close out this blog, I see that the radar has cleared up and the sun is trying to come out. That is my cue to go outside and make the most out of the rest of our time here. Hopefully there will be sunnier and sillier photos to share with you later.
                                                        Till then, xoxoSGS/MJC/BSC

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