Monday, July 16, 2012

Update on Runaway Python in Fairlington

While looking for updates on this story, I found out some more scuttlebutt about our missing python here in Fairlington. Now take this for what it is worth, since it comes from the message boards of

 A commenter known as Arlington Cat says:
 Fairlington residents, There is a baby Python on the loose in Arlington. He rudely left a picnic and hasn't been seen since. The Python, who goes by the name "Happy," was Last seen in Fairlington Arbor by the tennis courts.   This type of snake can climb (slither up) a tree. It is natural for them. The snake probably high tailed it to the big oak and evergreen trees diagonal to the tennis courts, and is settling in for the rest of the summer and most of the fall.  Neighbors should have been asked to be aware of odd screaming or vocally agitated birds in that area over the next few months. The news didn’t tell us this information , and she gave false hope to her kids, acting like the snake is akin to a lost dog or cat.   The real danger comes when the weather turns cold. "
So it was definitely on the loose in my neighborhood. But the poor thing will most likely die as soon as it gets cold out. I hope that they find it, however unlikely it is.  Just the same, I'm staying clear of the trees by the tennis courts!

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