Thursday, June 06, 2013

Boys of Summer

 Yesterday was a gorgeous day of full sun, so we all took advantage of it. There was no blogging to be done yesterday at Besito. Only beach fun, pool time, and soaking up the sun. After I took the bottom photograph, I dropped my phone and the screen cracked.  So there's that. My morning activity became driving to The Blue Whale to get scotch tape to put over my phone face so I could still use it.

After fixing the phone, even Buddha seemed anxious to get out into the sun, so we headed down for some pool time.  We split our time equally between pool and hot tub, then it is usually time for lunch. The cooking (mainly by Chris Mueller and my husband) has been incredible. Notably the "Iron Bitchstick" cooking show starring Chris Mueller cooking up grilled cheese sanwhiches while doing kicks and turns in the kitchen.
Down at the pool, Buddha got some raft time in, which he really loves.
After some pool time, it was hot tub time, then lunch. I've been experimenting with "Sun-In" and got a bit blonder than I expected. So there's that. Not exactly the look I was aiming at, but we're gonna go with it.After watching the weather channel enough to make even myself sick, and monitoring "Invest 91" as it became "Andrea", it was time for an evening trip to the beach.  Buddha finally pooped (TMI, I know, but when your dog doesn't poop for 2 days, it becomes something to celebrate), and finally ate a substantial meal (another thing he hasn't done in two days). We lit a bonfire, and I was perimeter check for ghost crabs, that are larger than ever this year, and seem to have no fear to walk right up to you. 

I bought some powder that you put on the fire to make it different colors for a dollar at The Blue Whale.  It was gorgeous and worthwhile. So we enjoyed the day for what it was yesterday. According to the Weather Channel, we have about five hours of sun left before Andrea moves into Dare county. We are going to make the most of it before she rains on our parade. Details later.  I'll have plenty of time to blog when it's raining.

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