Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday, Monday

Well, here it is Monday, and I am running around like crazy trying to get a thousand things done. Laundry, candle making, getting groceries for the week, etc.
I have almost finished my first batch of the day, only 3 or 4 more. wow.
I spent extra time in the shower trying to scrub the dirt from the show that I had missed in the shower last night. I was a tad bit disturbed to find that it would not come off. It is like it is tatooed into my skin now. Yikes.
I guess it will just work it's way out eventually.
I took this photo of one of the "Dirt Rooms". It looks like a murder scene, doesn't it?

I gave Boo his monday bath, so of course, he is mad at me right now. I try to spend as much time as I can with him when not at TICKETplace or the show, and today is one of our days of quality time together. We would have gone to the park, but it is raining, and he abhors the rain so that was a wash.
When I went to the show the other night, he seemed so sad, so I built him a pillow fort on the couch and put his toys in it with him, and also a cookie. He loved it, and was there in the same place when I came home from the show.

So...what else?

The April Candles will be up and posted later on tonight, or tomorrow morning. This is also the last day that you can order the March Candles, so if you want one, better put the order in in the next few hours! You will see the April design later on tonight or tomorrow, but I can tell you that it is light in color, using faint traces of purple to white to yellow. It is fragranced with Hyancinth, Gardenia, Apple Blossom and Orange Blossom. It is a fresh burst of Spring fragrance and color, and will light up the darkest corners of your home with the vibrant first colors that Spring yields to us. More to follow. And thank you to all of my candle subscribers and customers. Your orders help me to afford to do what it is that I dream of doing. Please pass on my website to your friends who love candles and want to help support local artists. And God knows with the economy being what it is and prices of almost everything up, I need all the help I can get.

So, that's it for me for now. I have to run and pour another level in the current batch of Candles I am working on. Take care, and watch for the April candles later on.

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