Thursday, August 07, 2008

Back on Track

We now have a new computer at home. Our new computer is a used computer, so not new, but newish. It is from Hilary Clinton's campaign, and we got it through a friend who knew she was selling them off cheap and we took advantage of it.
I am glad to be back up and running at home, where I write the best.
I am discovering and uploading photos that I forgot I had. I have been offline at home all summer. Hard to believe.
what is up?
Insomnieoke is over. I loved doing it, but am glad that it is done. I got very naked doing that one. Very naked.
Emotionally, that is.
And somewhat physically, I guess.
Thank all of you for coming, and for coming to Signature's Open House.

It was fun, if not exhausting.

Fred, Kurt, Matt and I went to see Jerry Springer the Opera tonight.
What a funny show. The cast is great, and I laughed VERY hard.
The problems I had with the show are directed at its book, and the direction the show goes in Act 2. That being said, I still had a great time.

We did quick cocktails pre-show at Playbill, then went and had a blast.
I don't think I have had as much profanity in one day since the last tech rehearsal that I have had.
What's up with me other than that?

I will be performing at Kensington Arts Theatre's Benefit, which in their words "Saturday, August 23rd, will be hosted by and starring KAT favorite Diego Prieto (Side Show, Cabaret, Closer Than Ever, The Rocky Horror Show, Company) and Brad Oscar, who originated the role of Franz Liebkind in the Broadway production of The Producers and received a 2001 Tony nomination for his performance. Brad later succeeded Nathan Lane as Max Bialystock for over 1200 performances on Broadway, on tour, in London, and he originated the role in the Las Vegas production at the Paris Casino. "
Matt and I will be appearing there. I will be singing from One Red Flower and 110 in the Shade. A package of my September Candles will be up for auction there.
Check it out HERE.

Also, On Monday, September 1st, we will be back at Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center for our annual Signature Theatre hour. This time it is a little bit more exciting for me, because it is an hour of totally my husband, Matt Conner's work.
New things that no one has even heard yet.
Here is their take:
"September 1, 2008
Signature Theater presents a showcase of three new musicals by one of The Next Generation–commissioned artists, composer Matt Conner—Crossing, Senior Moments, and Sleepy Hollow (with book writer Hunter Foster)"
You can even watch it LIVE on the day of.
My August Candles are doing VERY well.

The smells are amazing, the design is one of my best, and they are flying off of my shelf.

Get yours at my link over there on the right.
So that is what is up right now. Expect to hear more from me now that I have a computer at home now again. I have missed this.
I have MUCH to share with you.
My 1000th post is like 2 away, so stay tuned.
Thanks for reading, and goodnight (morning?)

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Googla Monster said...

I don't suppose with all the jobs that you have much time for crafty bastardry. If so, that's a shame as I enjoyed your posts about those projects. It would seem that there could be a market for original items, particularly pieces that could be mounted on a wall.