Monday, August 18, 2008

...God that feels like a lifetime ago...tick,tick talk.

Over at DC Theatre Scene, local theatre blogger Joel Markowitz has made a list of his personal favorite "Best Musical Performances" of the past year. It is a list of about 17, and I was happy to see that both Felicia Curry and I were included for our performances in tick,tick...BOOM! at Metro Stage. It really does feel like forever ago at this point. That is why when I read this I was all like...?...! Oh wow...yeah...that!
Here is what he had to say about us:

"Stephen Gregory Smith as Jon
In tick, tick… BOOM! (MetroStage)
From his first opening song, “30/90,” Stephen Gregory Smith, as the young, just-turned-30, pained and confused Jonathan Larson, had the audiences at MetroStage eating out of his hands. It was his first starring role in a musical on our local stages, and this Helen Hayes Award Winner proved that he deserves more leading roles. Blending gorgeous harmonies with his two fabulous co-stars Felicia Curry and Matt Pearson, Stephen offered an honest interpretation of Jon - unsure, scared, bluntly honest and fearless about pursuing Jonathan Larson’s dream of composing great music and a great musical."

"Felicia Curry as Susan and Others
In tick, tick… BOOM! (MetroStage)
As Susan, Jon’s girlfriend, Felicia Curry continued to WOW local audiences with her powerful vocal talents, and in tick, tick, BOOM! she reminded audiences what a great actress she is, too. Also playing several loony roles - the lead in one of Jon’s musicals, his agent Rosa Stevens, and a marketing exec, Felicia has audiences laughing, but when she stood on the stage to sing the emotional “Come To Your Senses,” she had the audience cheering! I’ll never forget it! The walls were shaking. Our interview with the cast is here."

Other friends on the list include:
Florrie Bagel as Baby Jane in Jerry Springer The Opera
Natascia Diaz as Monica P. Miller and Doug Kreeger as Ian Wallace
In Rooms (MetroStage)
Michael Innocenti as Sancho Panza in Man of La Mancha (Keegan Theatre)...
Check out the full article HERE!


Joel Markowitz said...


You deserved this honor! You were fantastic in the role and I've seen the show several times before and since, and no one put as much heart and soul as you did into Jon. Congrats. Joel


Thanks, Buddy!
I loved it every night.
I was starting to work on it about a year ago now. I feel nostalgia for it and miss it terribly.
This was nice to read.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope all your readers who saw you give that terrific performance head over and vote for you.

Anonymous said...

Bravo to you Stephen for being named on Joel's list. It's very well deserved. It's a shame that the Helen Hayes judges overlooked it. Maybe we should carpool them this year to the smaller theatres. Keep up the fine work. Sam


Thank you all for the kind words! They mean so much to me, you have no idea. I am truly touched.