Monday, July 24, 2006

The Death of Mister Goodbar

Well, the heatwave took another casualty in it's wake. Mister Goodbar, my cellphone.
You may recall the previous saga of cellular horror at the Ballston Mall. When the evil cell phone that had metal on it and that had been eating my face up fell to it's death in a puddle in Del Ray, and my battles with Ballston Commons zombies and the Kiosk Queen.
No such horrors this time. I avoided Ballston and went to Old Town Alexandria's T-mobile store and obtained this cutie with no difficulty.

Same phone number, new phone.
Her name is Candy Apple.
Stop giggling.


Anonymous said...

That there's a GIRL's PHONE!
That's right!
Barbie's Dream Phone!
If it was my phone, I'd take it back and git the money for it!
You can do that, you know!

Debi said...

hey buddy! I saw this website and thought of you and Matt. Check it out!!!! Enjoy!