Sunday, July 02, 2006


So, Today, one week from the flood, we still await a cleaning crew. We ripped the carpet off by ourselves Friday afternoon. What a bitch that was.

And the whole time, Buddha watched from a safe distance, very puzzled. He looks like he is in a tard sale in this picture....stuffed in amongst the junk. Matt said that he looks like an old man in a theatre balcony. Funny.

The carpet is now all out, however, we have much work ahead of us. The new tile floor will be laid sometime next week, so back to normal is a little far off right now.
In what can only be described as a desperate need for quality sleep, I carried our matress upstairs, (no, it didn't get wet) and set it up in the living room. I refused to sleep on anything besides my own bed any longer.

I took these next photos of Four Mile Run Creek, which bear further evidence that the creek spilled over. More updates to follow.


LaFilusch said...

Hey, how goes the dry-out? Will Sadie and I be sleeping on the couch right next to you and Matt, or will it be a three/fivesome in the bed??? Regardless, it sounds like much fun. See you Friday!

StephenGregorySmith said...

Oh lord, Lynn...a fivesome it is...two boys, one girl, one Sadie and one Buddha.
Sounds like a party.
Still bedless.
No word on when they will come and install tile.