Wednesday, June 04, 2008

King of Pizza!

We had a reading of Matt Conner, A.K. Brink, and Ryan Dean's new Children's musical, The King of Pizza last night at our house, and the response was terrific! Felicia Curry, Kara Tameika Watkins, Kurt Boehm, Laura Kelly, A.K. Brink and Nancy Hollenbach were in attendance.
The reading went over very well, and I think that they learned many things from it.
I think that the piece is so adorable, and can't wait to see it fully realized soon (Matt has had meetings with a theatre to be named later that is interested in producing it very soon!).
The evening was fun, and we all ate (of course)pizza as we read the show.
The book and score are very Shrek-ish, as in funny to adults and children at the same time(I love when the old King kicks the bucket). The songs had us all in stitches, as they pastiche all kinds of genres and musical styles (as there are many different ingredients in making a pizza).
It was fantastic to see Ryan Halbrook, A.K. Brink, and Matt Conner's work come off of the page. Highlights were Laura Kelly's hysterical Mozz character who keeps passing out at random between fits of hysteria, Kurt Boehm's Martha Stewart-esque Gardner by the name of Basil, Kara Tameika Watkins' French baker that was played with a Josephine Baker style, and the force of nature that is Felicia Curry as "Patti", a butcher who sells her patties on her Patti Wagon and used to be a star singer. She now belts out numbers on her wagon while trying to sell her wares. All were hysterical, and handled with ease by the very talented cast.
Look for this show which will be equally enjoyable to adults and children very soon!

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