Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wigged Out

"The show was delightful. I saw it last night. Was there anything unique about Friday night's performance that won't be repeated in further performances? :D "
writes in Googla Monster, frequent commenter on ye old blog.
Last night, Eleasha's wig flew off at the end of one of her songs.
Did you just hear what I said?
wig flew off.
I died.
I had to sing the next song, and all I wanted to do was laugh. It was the hardest thing to do ever. When the show was over, I came off stage and collapsed in a ball of hysterics.
So yes, Googla, something happened that WE SURE HOPE won't happen again happened last night!
I'm still laughing about it...
The show, PS, is fantastic. Come and see us!


Eleasha said...

First of all it did not FLY OFF, it slipped DOWN!! You sure do like to exaggerate!


That is the difference of saying my dress twirled up, or blew up, isn't it?

cheryl said...

I was at the performance Friday evening with Googlemonster and somehow I managed to miss the "slippage." However, I did notice another slippage of of the male dancer's fly was unfastened during that last number. You guys all did a great job...the performance was very enjoyable.